5 Things Watch Dogs Legion Gets Right (& 5 Things It Gets Wrong)


Released in October, Watch Dogs: Legion is the third game in Ubisoft’s successful Watch Dogs series. Here is the good and bad of the game.

Released in October, Watch Dogs: Legion is the third game in Ubisoft’s successful Watch Dogs series. While the first two games were set in the States, Legion is set in the UK and follows an underground hacker group as they attempt to overturn the machinery of a fictional police state.

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Gamers around the world were excited for the release of Watch Dogs: Legion, especially as it was delayed for six months, but was it worth the wait? Fans have now had a few weeks to try the game for themselves and noted a few things that Watch Dogs: Legion gets right and wrong.

10 Right: The London Setting


Perhaps the best thing about Watch Dogs: Legion is the decision to move the setting from North America to the UK. The game has faithfully reproduced London street scenes – albeit a future dystopian London – and anyone who has visited the English capital will recognize landmarks like the Houses of Westminster and Piccadilly Circus. From a gameplay point of view, the whole of London is open to players right from the start, with no need to complete tasks to open up new areas of the game.

9 Wrong: Dodgy Graphics

The landmarks may be recognizable, but there are some pretty basic issues with the graphics in Watch Dogs: Legion. The general quality is okay, but the problem is that there are too many mistakes that haven’t been picked up during the beta testing period. One glitch sees a very ordinary jeep suddenly gifted with the power of flight, while some characters appear to have been cloned, as their appearance is so similar. And take care not to try and cut corners on your motorbike, or you could end up spinning out of control.

8 Right: Really Cool Tech

Watch Dogs: Legion gives players access to some impressive new technology. Players can build up points to get themselves a Harry Potter-style invisibility cloak or Electro-Shock traps if you want to take out a few enemies in one fell swoop.

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The most impressive gadgets are probably the various drones, including a missile drone which can launch a deadly attack from a distance and the handy Spiderbot, a robot that can get into places beyond the reach of players, and which can even be turned into a weapon.

7 Wrong: Questionable Political Back Story

The dystopian London in Watch Dogs: Legion was inspired by the current political situation in the UK, and the Brexit vote to leave Europe. The main Albion bad guy is even named Nigel, like Nigel Farage who spearheaded much of the Brexit campaign, though that could just be a coincidence. However, there is no subtlety to the political back story of the game, which seems to have very clear ideas about who are the good guys and the bad guys both in real life and within the game.

6 Right: Characters Can Share Equipment

Players have a wide range of choice when it comes to which character they want to play in Watch Dogs: Legion, and while this does mean that there is little scope for character development throughout the game, it does allow you to choose the individual who is best placed to deal with a certain quest or particular problem. Best of all, your characters can all share the same equipment, so weapons and gadgets can be transferred from one person to another at any time during the game.

5 Wrong: Long Load Times

Watch Dogs fans have already had to wait six months longer than first expected to get their hands on the third installments in the series, and now it turns out that gamers are also experiencing long load times.

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A particular problem seems to be that it takes a very long time to save your progress on the game, which is proving to be a major bugbear for players. Watch Dogs: Legion is not the sort of game you finish in one sitting, so saving progress is a vital part of the game-playing experience.

4 Right: The Option To Disarm Opponents

Video games have been criticized for years for being too violent, and while there is no shortage of deadly weapons in Watch Dogs: Legion, there are plenty of non-lethal options for players who are squeamish about taking out their opponents! In fact, about half of the Legion weapons are designed to temporarily disarm your enemies rather than put them out of action forever, from basics like hand-to-hand combat to a pocket watch that can hypnotize opponents in the right hands.

3 Wrong: Poor Soundtrack

Some of the most popular video games have become a success thanks to the way they use other media within the game. Grand Theft Auto, for example, makes excellent use of music thanks to the radio stations that are available when you hop into one of your (stolen) vehicles). While there are a few great tracks used in Watch Dogs: Legion, especially from UK artists like Stormzy and Fatboy Slim, some songs are used far too frequently while others are too old or too niche for players to have heard of them before.

2 Right: Instant Access To Character Upgrades

Gamers seem to be split in whether the various character options in Watch Dogs: Legion are a good thing or not. While it certainly provides flexibility, players don’t really develop the same loyalty that you might experience in other games where you play the same person throughout the quest. However, should you decide that you need to change character, perhaps to use their skills in a particular set of circumstances, the good news is that you can make the change anywhere, without having to head back to the safety of the base.

1 Wrong: Recruits Have Some Very Bad Habits

Recruits are an important part of Watch Dogs: Legion and players should make sure to choose their AI counterparts carefully. While recruits all have their strong points, it is worth being aware that many of them have some very bad habits too. While beatboxing may seem a harmless if annoying extra skill, the farting recruit that gives away your location is definitely one to avoid! They may add a little extra color to the game, but if you’re serious about winning you should choose your recruits wisely.

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