5 Worst Things Zoey Did To Max (& 5 Worst He Did To Her)


Zoey and Max is one pairing that fans hope ends up becoming a reality in the second season, but they are not always right for one another.

Zoey and Max is one pairing that fans hope ends up becoming a reality in the second season, but they are not always right for one another. They have both done some pretty terrible things to one another in the first season of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist. Neither one has been perfect and no relationship ever is, but the actions they have taken make some fans wonder whether or not they are right for one another.

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This list lays out some of the worst things that Zoey and Max have done to one another that have turned fans to Team Simon. Max’s lovable nature makes viewers want him to be the one she ends up with, but their relationship is not as perfect as it seems. Keep reading to learn about some of the worst things that Zoey and Max have done to one another in Season 1!

10 When Zoey Set Him Up With Autumn

'Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist' Autumn and Max


Zoey was supposed to go with Max to this reservation-only farm-to-table restaurant that they had been dreaming about for ages, but Zoey backed out. She found out through his heart song that he had feelings for her, so she set him up with Autumn, her barista, to go in her place.

It wasn’t her best moment as she should have known he would eventually break Autumn’s heart as he had already fallen for Zoey.

9 When Max Fails To Tell Zoey How He Feels

Max and Zoey were best friends, and he should have just told her how he felt instead of keeping it a secret for so long. It made her life more difficult as she had to navigate knowing how he felt because of his heart song while pretending she had no idea he felt that way about her.

Regardless, it became evident as time went on that he had these feelings for her which is all the more reason why he should have come clean in the first place.

8 When Zoey Admitted She Knew All Along That Max Had A Crush On Her

'Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist' Max singing 'Sucker'

Zoey was also at fault in this relationship when she admitted to Max that she knew he had feelings for her. He was obviously hurt that her first response was to set him up with Autumn and ultimately end their friendship altogether for awhile.

It is one of the worst things she could have done to Max as he was just hoping she would love him in return.

7 When Max Was Upset That Zoey Didn’t Feel The Same

Max is upset that Zoe ydoesn't feel the same on 'Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist'

Zoey told Max that she didn’t feel the same way about him and his temper tantrum that followed made him the worst. Fans that were Team Max turned Team Simon at this moment as he became a complete child.

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Zoey was entitled to her own feelings and he failed to respect that notion when she shared that her heart wasn’t his. He eventually changed his tune, but this is one moment that fans will never forget as they remember the kind of man that Max can be.

6 When Zoey Can’t Decide If She Is Attracted To Him

'Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist' Max and Simon

Zoey is stuck in the middle between Simon and Max, and what makes it worse is that the two men know it. She can’t decide if she can see Max as anything other than a friend and ultimately decides that this is what is holding her back from pursuing a relationship with him.

It isn’t fair to Max as he is stuck waiting to see if she will fall for him, or if she will decide that Simon is the better match as it is a question fans still want to be answered.

5 When Max Reacts Poorly After Learning About Her Powers

Max and Zoey have been friends for years which is why Max is the worst when he reacts poorly after learning about her powers. She was trying to be honest with him about the heart songs she hears and all he could do was wonder if she had actually lost her mind.

Luckily, he finally came around when she started singing her own heart song during an important meeting, but that still doesn’t make up for his initial poor reaction and is a reason why she shouldn’t be with Max.

4 When Zoey Doesn’t Stop Max From Taking A New Job

Max talks to Zoe yabout taking a new job on 'Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist'

Max was up for a new job on a different floor and he ran it by Zoey before joining Ava Price’s team. She told him to go for it when he really wanted her to ask him to stay.

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Zoey might have thought she was being supportive of his advancement when it actually fit her agenda of avoiding his loving gaze and more hard conversations. She should have made him feel wanted and instead it led to him losing his job entirely.

3 When Max Organized A Flash Mob To Tell Zoey He Loved Her

'Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist' Max's flash mob to tell Zoey he loves her

Max and Zoey were finally on good terms again until Max messed it up by organizing a flash mob. They weren’t even dating and he still jumped to the conclusion that she would love him back after he organized this event, which is when many fans turned Team Simon.

It was at work on top of it so everyone heard about his grand gesture and it wasn’t fair to Zoey to put her in that uncomfortable position.

2 When Zoey Sang A Heart Song To Him And Simon

Zoey singing 'I Want You to Want Me' on 'Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist'

Zoey wasn’t able to control who she sang her heart songs to, but that doesn’t mean her songs to both Max and Simon didn’t make her the worst.

Max was ecstatic that she had feelings for him and they were moving in a more romantic direction until he caught her singing a similar song to Simon. It broke his heart in more ways than one and revealed that Zoey was stuck in the middle not sure which guy she should choose.

1 When Max Continued To Be Zoey’s Best Friend

'Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist' Max and Zoey at her Dad's funeral

Max wanted more from his relationship with Zoey, and yet, he kept putting himself into the friend zone. Yes, she needed someone to lean on after her dad passed, but Max didn’t have to go to the lengths he did as it only solidified this view she had of him.

It is hard for him to blame her for seeing him as just a friend when he kept putting himself in that position, in comparison to Simon who made sure the romantic side of their relationship was always evident. Max might have been the best at being her friend, although, he should have focused more on showing what would make him such a great boyfriend.

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