PlayStation 5 Availability On Launch Day


It’s launch day for the PlayStation 5, and Walmart is periodically releasing the PS5 throughout the day. Here are all the PS5 release times.

The PlayStation 5 has officially released in the United States and several other countries, and Walmart is releasing their stock of PS5s periodically throughout the day. Many players who weren’t able to secure PS5 pre-orders are now on the hunt for the next-gen console, and multiple major retailers have announced restocks and schedules indicating when more orders will go live. Walmart is releasing their PS5 orders in multiple waves, which means it’s the best shot most people have for getting a PS5 at launch.

Walmart is one of at least three major retailers releasing PS5s on launch day, and might offer players the best chance to grab Sony’s next-gen console. Of all the retailers, Walmart seems the most prepared for the PlayStation 5’s release, as the company is going live with orders periodically instead of all at once. This means if anyone misses one of the time slots, there will be another coming soon throughout the afternoon and evening.

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After an initial pre-order fiasco for the PS5, many PlayStation fans were left without a console. Although retailers promised restocks at launch, it was unclear when and how those restocks would be happening. Officially, Walmart’s PS5 orders start at 12 pm Eastern Standard Time on launch day. However, for people who may have missed that round of orders already, there are still plenty of other times PS5 orders are going live today.

When PS5 Orders Are Going Live At Walmart

PS5 Pre Oder Online


A second round of PlayStation 5 orders begin at Walmart at 3 PM EST. This will be the second of four times the PS5 will be available online throughout the day. More orders will open up at 6 PM EST, and then a final round will start at 9 PM EST. This means the schedule for Walmart’s PlayStation 5 orders today is:

  • 12 PM EST
  • 3 PM EST
  • 6 PM EST
  • 9 PM EST

All orders are going live at three-hour intervals on Walmart’s website. This offers people the best chance at securing a PS5 on the November 12th launch day, although the first round of PS5 orders sold out incredibly fast and crashed Walmart’s website briefly. Even though the 12 PM time has already passed, the 3 PM orders will be happening soon. And if that doesn’t work, there are still two more times when the PlayStation 5 will become available at Walmart today.

Although PlayStation 5 orders are currently only available from retailers online as a preventative measure due to COVID-19, Walmart appears to be making it the easiest on consumers. With multiple PS5 ordering times, it’s a great way to try to secure a next-gen console at launch. It’s unclear how much stock is available, but expect the PlayStation 5 to have fairly limited inventory throughout the rest of the year.

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