Scalpers Are Already Selling PS5 For Insane Prices


It is launch day for the PlayStation 5, and some individuals are already putting the console up for sale on eBay for more than double its cost.

The PlayStation 5 is out today, but already there are scalpers out there trying to sell Sony’s next-generation console for exorbitant prices. Ever since revealing the release date earlier this year, players able to secure a new gaming device have been eagerly awaiting the launch of both the console and several fan-favorite games.

However, not everyone wanting the next installment of Sony’s consoles has been able to get one before today’s launch. Pre-orders opened up during the summer but quickly devolved into a chaotic and confusing ordeal with many walking away empty-handed as retailers sold out of their reserved stock. Scalpers, people who buy hot-ticket items with the intention of reselling them soon after at higher-than-market prices, were thought to add to some of the console’s scarcity by utilizing bots during the pre-order period – snapping up units more quickly than human customers. Almost immediately following the pre-orders, offers began to appear from resellers for the next-gen consoles at wildly marked-up prices.

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According to a Game Rant article, scalpers are taking advantage of the next-gen launch week excitement and exploiting the anxiety of those disappointed at not being able to acquire a PlayStation 5 yet. An image shown in the story displays several listings on eBay aiming to sell a brand-new PlayStation 5 for unbelievable prices. At any official retailer, the console would set players back $499 for the Standard Edition, while the Digital Edition would cost $399. The offers in the image, however, range from $950 to nearly $1,750.

Scalpers Listings for PlayStation 5 on eBay


Unfortunately, some of these scalpers may be able to get these inflated asking prices, as reports begin to circulate about the new gaming device’s scarcity. Recently, Sony announced that all pre-orders for Japan had been completely sold out before launch day, telling gamers in that country to check back for more information at a later date. Availability of the PlayStation 5 is a concern around the world, though. Stories about delayed shipping, cancelled orders and where to find consoles in stock have dominated the headlines this week. Some of the tensions are beginning to boil over which can be seen in an email Best Buy customers apparently received that cites Sony regulations as the reason for shipping concerns.

It would be a true shame if gamers felt the only option available was to turn to these scalpers for a next-generation console. There is certainly a lot of concerning information flying around right now suggesting that supply might not be equal to demand, and these individuals are exploiting that. Luckily, several retailers like Walmart, have been keeping fans apprised of when new stock will go live, hopefully keeping gamers from buying a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X/S from an individual looking to sell these consoles at more than twice the retail price.

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Source: Game Rant

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