Sea Of Thieves Celebrates Xbox Series X/S Launch With The Duke Ship Set


Sea of Thieves players who log in to the game on Xbox Series X|S can receive free ship customization set inspired by the original Duke controller.

Sea of Thieves is celebrating the launch of Xbox Series X|S with a dedicated Duke ship set based on the iconic Xbox Duke controller. The game is widely known for various gaming-inspired vessel designs with Battletoads and Halo crossover ships being among the most impressive recent additions.

The amazing Battletoads-inspired ship dropped anchor in Sea of Thieves back in August. Thanks to the resurrection of the iconic series dedicated to a trio of combative frogs, Rare decided to get its two franchises acquainted with each other by introducing a lovely vessel design to the pirate adventure game. In order to earn the cosmetics, players needed to own both the titles – and also have the first act of the Battletoads reboot completed. Once all the requirements were met, players could enjoy a fantastic Battletoads makeover for their ships with the game’s logo on the sails and the three toads as a figurehead.

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The official Sea of Thieves Twitter account has recently shared a new vessel design coming to the game. This time, an Xbox-inspired ship makeover is arriving to celebrate the launch day of Xbox Series X|S. Called the Duke Ship Set, the wonderful pack of cosmetics comes based on the original Xbox Duke controller. There are glowing letters X all over the ship including the cleverly crafted figurehead with a pirate holding two green blades, while the steering wheel inherits the controller’s central round part. To grab the set, all that players need to do is to launch the game on one of the next-gen Xbox consoles. Once they log in, gamers can grab the cosmetics pack right from the customization chest located at the Shipwright Shop.

Thanks to a comprehensive performance update, Sea of Thieves is going to look even more gorgeous on Xbox Series X|S. Obviously, the best result can only be achieved on the top next-gen console where the game takes advantage of native 4K resolution rendered in 60 fps. While the Series S console maintains the same framerate, it is only capable of running the game in 1080p. Still, on both devices, Sea of Thieves greatly benefits from reduced loading times due to the increased processing power, but the next-gen update could also feature textures of higher resolution and enhanced lighting technologies for the title to look even better.

Although a relatively small addition, the Duke Ship Set is clearly capable of attracting old-time Xbox fans to migrate to the next-gen family of consoles because of strong nostalgia. It’s also worth mentioning that the ship design looks sick with all the glowing parts and clever solutions. Additionally, there’re no special requirements other than to launch Sea of Thieves on Xbox Series X or S, which definitely is a generous offer considering the amount of work and creativity put into the Duke ship skin.

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Sea of Thieves is available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Sea of Thieves/Twitter

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