Where You Know Lashana Lynch’s New 007 From


Lashana Lynch plays Nomi in No Time To Die, James Bond’s replacement in the 007 role. Here’s where you might’ve already seen the actress.

No Time To Die will introduce Lashana Lynch as the new 007, but most fans will be familiar with the actress from elsewhere. While a cloud of uncertainty hangs over No Time To Die‘s release, the 25th James Bond film will (eventually) bring Daniel Craig’s time in MI6 to an end. Craig’s Bond was already the aging veteran in 2015’s Spectre, and when No Time To Die begins, Britain’s most famous secret agent has officially settled down in Italy with Madeleine Swann. Like a sports team retiring a jersey, MI6 might’ve laid the 007 designation to rest in honor of Bond’s exemplary service… but they didn’t.

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Lashana Lynch plays Nomi in No Time To Die – a rookie double-0 agent hired some time after Spectre. When Bond is reluctantly drawn back into the spy game, he encounters Nomi on a mission and the pair develop an immediate rivalry, with the young up-and-comer keen to hand her predecessor a reality check. Although Nomi’s double-0 status was widely known even before the first No Time To Die trailer landed, the character was only recently confirmed as the new 007 specifically. The arrival of a female 007 in the James Bond franchise is a landmark moment, but Lynch represents the ideal blend of established big screen star-power and youthful progression.

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Lynch’s film career began with several British indie efforts, Fast Girls and Powder Room, but it wasn’t until she reunited with Fast Girls co-star Noel Clarke (Mickey of Doctor Who fame) in Brotherhood that Lynch was exposed to a larger audience. The third installment of the acclaimed Kidulthood franchise, Lynch played Ashanti – a minor role in the 2016 effort. However, Lynch’s career would soon receive an Infinity Stone-fueled boost.

Brie Larson and Maria Rambeau as pilots walking in Captain Marvel


Before being recruited as James Bond’s replacement in MI6, Lashana Lynch shot to international renown playing Maria Rambeau in the MCU’s Captain Marvel. The best friend of Carol Danvers and a crack pilot in her own right, Maria helps Brie Larson’s character piece together her past after the pair are reunited in 1990s Louisiana. Maria is also a single mother to Monica Rambeau, whose name holds a wider significance in the future of the Marvel franchise. As Maria, Lynch portrayed a loving, caring mother and friend, and a Top Gun-style action hero who knows no fear – the perfect education for a future 007.

While Lynch is more famous for her big screen exploits, the actress’ career began on TV, paying her dues on the usual British comedies and dramas – The BillDeath In ParadiseDoctors and Silent Witness. She’s just a Casualty credit away from the full set. Since 2017, Lynch has enjoyed more fulfilling roles, starring as Rosalind Capulet in ABC’s sort-of Romeo and Juliet sequel, Still Star-Crossed, and collaborating with Noel Clarke yet again in British crime drama Bulletproof. Lashana Lynch’s other starring TV role came in the 2015 BBC comedy Crims, in which she played Gemma, although the series was cancelled after a single season.

While Lynch remains unconfirmed for Captain Marvel 2, she is slated to appear in The Intergalactic Adventures of Max Cloud. Unfortunately, she will no longer be involved in FX’s Y: The Last Man adaptation, with Lynch’s role now going to Ashley Romans. No Time To Die undoubtedly represents Lashana Lynch’s most high-profile venture yet, and playing 007 will raise her stock even higher.

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