Why PS5 Players Should Start With Astro’s Playroom


Astro’s Playroom is a glorified tech demo for the PS5 and DualSense controller, but it honors PlayStation’s history and it’s worth checking out.

It’s easy to look at this sort of game and think nothing of it, but Astro’s Playroom is a fantastic introduction to the PlayStation 5 and players should definitely check it out. It really shouldn’t take a whole lot of effort to do so, considering the game doesn’t cost anything and is already on the console.

Astro’s Playroom is a trip down memory lane for PlayStation fans. The game features a gallery loaded with models of previous consoles and accessories while also being completely stuffed with Easter eggs from pretty much every PlayStation game. If Astro’s Playroom is going to be a must play experience, it’s for longtime PlayStation fans who will smile at the nostalgia rush when they hear the sounds of generations past. It’s an homage to PlayStation’s history, and it’s a really good one.

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At it’s core, Astros’s Playroom is just a basic introduction to the PlayStation 5 and the DualSense controller. The game is designed to highlight the capabilities of the controller and show players what it can do. Astro’s Playroom highlights how great features like haptic feedback and the touchpad are and it’s worth exploring. Whether or not these features are fully invested in will remain to be seen, but this is where players can see these features really being maximized. Even if players only play the first level while another game downloads, they’ll get enough out of a game that’s completely free and already installed on the console anyway.

PlayStation Should Invest in Astro Bot


If players have no idea who Astro is, it’s hard to blame them. Astro was first introduced in Astro Bot Rescue Mission, a Playstation Virtual Reality game featuring robot characters from The Playroom, an obscure augmented reality game. Astro is an incredibly charming character who fits the PlayStation brand remarkably well. Astro’s Playroom might just be a glorified tech demo, but it’s also a really solid 3D platformer with a ton of interesting mechanics, and there’s definitely room for more. Whether it be a full-sized PS5 game or as a mascot in the same vein as Microsoft Office’s paper clip, PlayStation should invest in the regular appearance of Astro.

Astro’s Playroom isn’t winning any game of the year awards. It’s a tech demo designed to introduce players to the PlayStation 5 and pay tribute to what came before it. But it’s also an under-the-radar game with a lot of cool mechanics and an adorable main character. Astro’s Playroom is a fun little game that serves its purpose, but it’s also shown enough that PlayStation should considering investing in the little robot moving forward.

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