Wonder Woman Just Had Her Own Game Of Thrones Moment


Wonder Woman just had to fight Green Arrow’s Count Vertigo and she used a Game of Thrones-esque training regime during the fight!

Warning! Spoilers for Wonder Woman #765 by Mariko Tamaki and Steve Pugh

Wonder Woman is one of the most skilled fighters in the DC Universe. Diana Prince was trained on an island of powerful Ancient Greek warriors, spending years honing her skills to become one of the most fierce combatants in the DC Universe. However, as shown in Wonder Woman #766, the demigoddess may have taken a leaf out of Arya Stark’s training regime to defeat the fearsome Count Vertigo.

Wonder Woman #765 ended with Diana being blinded after Count Vertigo attacked the invisible jet, taking down Wonder Woman and Maxwell Lord in the process. While Lord escaped the attack relatively unscathed, Diana was blinded. However, while some may have thought this would make Wonder Woman more open to attack and vulnerable, they couldn’t have been more wrong. Despite being unable to see, Diana was still able to fight. A panel showed that,  on Themyscira, Wonder Woman had trained with a blindfold on in order to hone her other senses and make her an even greater combatant.

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This has notable parallels with Game of Thrones. While Arya Stark was training with the Faceless Men of Braavos, the youngest Stark daughter had to complete daunting training sequences. One of the most memorable of these sequences saw Arya defend herself with a blindfold. Much like with Wonder Woman, though, Arya would also be rendered blind after this, having to live as a blind girl during her training. This became an important piece of training later in Arya’s life, not least because she could defeat the Waif in the dark, but also because while everyone else (including the viewers) struggled to see what was unfolding in the Long Night episode, Arya was clearly able to fight on regardless, even defeating the Night King.

Wonder Woman Game of Thrones


That being said, the similarities end with how the respective heroes defeat their villains. While Arya does indeed defeat the Waif because she is blind, Wonder Woman is able to ‘see the truth’ through her lasso. Rather than being completely blind, when Diana touches the lasso she can see strange shadows and visions of the people around her. This is a very interesting development, particularly due to Maxwell Lord’s inclusion in the story over the past few issues.

Wonder Woman and Arya Stark are some of the most skilled female warriors in fiction, with each one being trained by fearsome warriors in their own right. It is certainly interesting to learn that the Faceless Men and the warriors of Themyscira have similar methods of training.

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