Chris Randone Makes Krystal Nielson Divorce Joke After Her Pregnancy


Bachelor in Paradise alum Chris Randone is making light of his divorce from Krystal Nielson, who recently announced her pregnancy with Miles Bowles.

Chris Randone from Bachelor in Paradise has been through the wringer in 2020, but he’s able to joke about the series of unfortunate events, including his recent divorce from Paradise love interest Krystal Nielson. As the 33-year-old fitness coach Nielson flaunts her new man and newly-announced pregnancy on social media, “Goose” is showing Bachelor Nation that he’ll be just fine on his own.

Randone is a 32-year-old Florida native who fell hard for Nielson on Bachelor in Paradise season 5, and the pair were happily engaged when they left the resort in Mexico. Randone and Nielson tied the knot in June 2019, during an intimate televised ceremony officiated by host Chris Harrison. Seemingly, the newlyweds were pure “goals.” However, all was not well behind the scenes. In February, the couple announced their separation, with Randone citing issues like “warning signs” and “mixed signals.” Those problems caused his marriage with Krystal Nielson to turn rocky. They officially divorced in August and, a mere three months later, Nielson is pregnant with new boyfriend Miles Bowles’ baby.

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Despite his ex’s speedy dive into a fresh relationship, Randone is able to poke fun at the situation. Fellow Paradise alum Dylan Barbour, who found love on the beach with Hannah Godwin, tweeted that, “getting a house is insanely difficult.” Randone replied with the advice, “Try a divorce.” In response to a Twitter user reminding Randone of Nielson’s baby, he responded with a GIF of an athlete shaking his head and silently judging from the sidelines. See Chris’ divorce joke below:

y’all getting a house is insanely difficult lol

— Dylan Barbour (@therealDBcoop) November 12, 2020

Try a divorce

— Chris Randone (@ChrisRandone) November 12, 2020

In addition to his humorous sarcasm regarding the situation, Randone has started showcasing a vulnerable side to his followers. He regularly chronicles his struggles with mental health and how: “It’s okay to not be okay and express how you feel.” It’s clear he’s taking this time as a single man to focus on himself. Nielson appears to be doing the same, though in a much different way. Her latest boo first graced her Instagram page on October 6, when she posted a photo of her and Miles Bowles kissing with the caption, “I’ve learned this year to lean into love… To let go over the constant anxiety over what people think of me… And to stop putting MY life, and the things that make ME happy, on hold.” See the post below:

As Randone and Nielson from Bachelor in Paradise journey down their separate paths, Bachelor Nation is divided. Staunch “Goose” supporters are slamming Nielson for moving on too quickly and applauding his quick-witted response to Barbour’s tweet. Meanwhile, Nielson fans are congratulating the coach on this next life chapter. Soon-to-be-mom Krystal Nielson revealed on Instagram that the baby is due in April 2021 and revealed: “I’m just honestly ready. So ready.”

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Source: Us Weekly, Chris Randone/Twitter, Krystal Nielson/Instagram, Dylan Barbour/Twitter

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