Evil Dead Honest Trailer Has Nothing Bad To Say About The Trilogy


The latest honest trailer takes aim at Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead movies, with a focus on Bruce Campbell’s unlikely transformation over the franchise.

The latest honest trailer aims at Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead movies, focusing on Bruce Campbell’s unlikely transformation over the franchise, and doesn’t have too many gripes about the films. The original 1981 Evil Dead introduced Bruce Campbell’s Ash to the world, as a timid, dumb teen who gets caught up in a nightmare scenario involving an ancient evil book called the Necronomicon. Evil Dead II, essentially a remake of the first with more humor and a bigger budget, cemented Raimi’s reputation as a filmmaker of unique sensibilities. Then he reinvented the franchise by sending Ash back to Medieval times for the third franchise entry, called Army of Darkness.

Now, the trilogy gets the Honest Trailers treatment from Screen Junkies, with the YouTube channel aiming for Raimi’s no-budget approach to the first, quipping that Evil Dead proves you can make a film without actually knowing anything technical about making films. It also devotes a great deal of time to Ash’s transformation from a dumb teen into a strong-jawed lady-killer throughout the franchise, comparing his personality in Army of Darkness to the classic video game character Duke NukemYou can watch the video below:

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The video is spot on about the trilogy, gently mocking the first film’s amateur-feel and praising the second’s parody approach that properly established the tone going forward. It also points out how Army of Darkness is so different and far more comedic than the first two, essentially reinventing Ash to suit the narrative. That’s not a bad thing, of course, as the character has gone on to become iconic. Evil Dead Rise, the upcoming second attempt at a reboot, won’t feature Campbell, who officially retired from playing Ash. Still, the honest trailer is a reminder that now is an excellent time to revisit the Evil Dead franchise and remind yourself of Raimi’s pre-Spider-Man work.

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Source: Screen Junkies

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