Marvel’s Avengers Reportedly Lost 96% Of Players Since Launch


Reports show that Marvel’s Avengers is counting 96% less players on PC than it was when it launched. It’s now struggling to break a thousand players.

It has been reported that Marvel’s Avengers has lost 96% of its player count on PC since its September launch. The game got decently favorable reviews when it launched, but immediately flagged afterward. The game’s live-service content wasn’t engaging enough to keep players hooked. Only a month after the game launched, it began losing players fast.

Marvel’s Avengers has been plagued with difficulties ever since it was first announced. The development period was wracked with PR controversy after controversy. From the very beginning, fans took issue with the way the character models looked. To its credit, developer Crystal Dynamics worked to remedy this issue and make the characters look more appealing. Unfortunately, the team landed in hot water again by forcing players to pre-order the game in order to participate in the beta, which was only available for PS4 players. This PS4 favoritism peaked in perhaps the biggest controversy yet when it was announced that beloved hero Spider-Man would be introduced post-launch, but only in PS4 versions of the game due to Sony’s ownership of the character. Even full copies of the game on Xbox One and PC were inferior to the PS4 version because of this, and fans weren’t shy in making their outrage known.

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Problems have persisted in a big way for the game even post-release. Gamebyte reports that over the past weekend, player counts for Marvel’s Avengers on PC peaked at just 1,190. That’s 96% less players than the game had at launch. The platform has only averaged around 752 players in November so far. Console player counts are unknown, and are likely at least a little better, but this is still a dreadful loss for the game. It’s especially surprising because Marvel’s Avengers had a phenomenal launch. It was Square Enix’s second biggest digital launch after the long-awaited Final Fantasy VII Remake, selling 2.2 million digital copies.

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The game owes its significant decline to a lack of compelling content. While players enjoyed the story campaign just fine, there simply wasn’t enough to keep them engaged afterward. A recent update introduced a new endgame system in the form of challenging Tachyon Rifts, which finally give players at least some reason to keep playing after the end of the game. Unfortunately, it seems like it might be too little, too late.

Marvel’s Avengers is likely to go down in history as a disappointment. Already its poor reception has had deep financial consequences for Square Enix. It’s rather depressing. Crystal Dynamics clearly put a lot of work into this game, and it can’t be easy for the developers to watch their creation die out like this. There is some fun to be had with Marvel’s Avengers. If Crystal Dynamics focuses on that fun, maybe they can keep the game alive at least a little longer.

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Source: Gamebyte

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