MCU: 10 Things That Don’t Make Sense About The Blip


Trying to combine the story arcs of several different superhero movies into one satisfying and logical narrative is no easy feat, especially as the Marvel Cinematic Universe is already full of plot holes. However, what didn’t make sense in Avengers: Endgame was neatly wrapped at the beginning of Spider-Man: Far From Home, which served as an epilogue to the final Avengers movie.

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There’s a lot that doesn’t make sense about Far From Home, but the thing that gives us more questions than answers is “the blip,” which is the name for the 3.5 billion humans who returned to Earth five years after Thanos snapped them away.

10 Re-adjusting To Life


In Far From Home, there are so many kids that have been blipped back who seem completely unfazed by the entire event. Though the movie explains that any student who blipped back five years later still has to stay in school, that’s the only mention of any kind of re-adjusting back to life. What about their friends, and maybe even family members who didn’t get snapped away but died within that five years?

9 They Didn’t Age

When all of the students returned back after the blip, they hadn’t aged one bit. Though it is never clear what exactly happened to them when they got snapped away, it’s never mentioned that they are held frozen in time, which can only be the answer if they haven’t aged. Regardless of what happened to them, five years has still passed, so physically there’s no logical explanation that adds any sense to this.

8 Where They Actually Came From

Avengers Infinity War Spider-Man Snap

The simple answer is that they died and came back to life, but there is no mention of what happened to them. Did they just simply not exist? Was there an afterlife? Were they in some kind of limbo?

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In Endgame, Peter mentions that he must have just passed out, but then there is literally nothing mentioned for the remainder of the movie or in Far From Home. It’d only make sense that in Far From Home, with all of the students who blipped back, that they’d talk about where they were.

7 Lack Of Trauma

Avengers Endgame Screenshot

The movie is primarily a teen comedy, so going into depth about the grief-stricken victims of the blip might make the tone of the movie way too dour, but it’s still extremely strange that everybody in Far From Home is so over it. Families have lost loved ones, and then gained them back, and it would have affected so many different people in so many different ways, but the global catastrophe seems to have left little lasting affect. Even when children are blipped back, the parents would clearly look five years older, which would clearly be traumatising to a child.

6 All Of Peter’s Classmates Get Blipped

MJ and Brad in Spider-Man Far From Home

As all students who were blipped back after five years return back to their old classes while the other students continue their studies, one of the biggest unanswered questions of the movie is how Brad, the teenager who fights Peter for MJ’s attention, is the only new member of the group. Is it really that likely that all of Peter’s classmates were blipped back and remain the same age? It’s certainly possible, but it’s one of those things that seems more like a plot device than a logical decision.

5 The Government’s Involvement

Aunt May and SPider-Man in Far From Home

With such a catastrophic event having unfolded at the end of Infinity War only to have 3.5 billion people blip back five years later, what involvement does the government have? At the beginning of Far From Home, we see Aunt May raising  money for victims of the blip who might be homeless or jobless, which is one of the things we want to see pay off in the third entry and it was one of the times we loved Peter, but it doesn’t go in to detail as to why the government is not helping these people.

4 Remarrying

The teachers in Spider-Man: Far From Home

With the secondary characters being one of the reasons Far From Home can be considered superior to Homecoming, Mr. Harrington tells the class about how his wife pretended to vanish so she could leave him. But there’s a similar and more realistic issue that was never covered. A likely situation is that somebody’s spouse vanished due to the snap, but comes back after five years to find their loved one remarried with somebody whose spouse also came back from the blip. It seems like it would be a common problem, as five years is enough time to mourn and move on.

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Though this kind of thing could very well have happened, there’s no mention of it in the movie. It could make for a great drama, though it’s probably not suited for Disney+…

3 Society Was In Ruins

Avengers Endgame NEW YORK

Before the blip happened, the world was virtually in ruins after the snap, with houses and cars abandoned, and people not even cleaning up the streets. It had literally become a wasteland. But since the blip, everything has been put back to normal and the streets and buildings were all restored seemingly overnight. How was that possible, especially if millions of people are homeless and jobless?

2 How Did The World Cater To Everyone’s Needs

Avengers Endgame Screenshot

In the time between the snap and the blip, five years had passed, which would lead the world to cater for just 3.5 billion people, not 7 billion as it was previously. Farmers would be growing fewer crops and power plants wold close down. If 3.5 billion people suddenly respawned on earth, the world simply couldn’t cope, as there would be blackouts, food and drinking water would quickly run out, and it’d take tens of years to rebuild civilisation.

1 Respawning

Betty Brandt covers the Blip

Though a deleted scene regarding the blip could have made the movie vastly different, it still left this gaping plot hole that can’t be answered. As the blip led people who were snapped away to respawn in the same place as when they vanished, this could cause so many traumatic problems.

If somebody is sitting in the exact same spot as where a person vanished, would they respawn on top of them, or even inside them? And somebody was swimming in the ocean, by the blip’s rules, they’d have to respawn in the ocean – or worse, in mid-air if they were on a plane.

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