Nicole Says If All-Stars Was Her 1st Season, It’d Be Her Last


Nicole opened up on her podcast, sharing that if her first season of Big Brother was anything like this one she would have never returned for another.

Big Brother All-Star Nicole Franzel left the season in tears on finale night after Cody Calafiore evicted her in the final three. Now that she is home and has had some time to relax, Nicole is saying that if her all-star season was her first time in the Big Brother house, she would have never gone back for any more.

Big Brother All Stars was Nicole’s third season on the show. She had her first go-around in 2014 for season 16 where she made it to jury. Nicole went back just two short years later for season 18 during which she made it to finale night before taking home the half of a million dollar grand prize. Just this year, Nicole surprised fans when she walked into the Big Brother house yet again on the all-stars season. Although she did make it to finale night for a second time, Nicole was blindsided when her number one ally, Cody Calafiore, evicted her in the live final eviction. Nicole, obviously devastated, cried during her interview with host Julie Chen Moonves and fought back tears during the rest of the finale.

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Now that she is back home in Michigan,  Nicole is trying to readjust to everyday life, which includes taking care of her many animals, planning a wedding, and of course her podcast with her fiancé Victor, Coco Caliente. The Big Brother couple released the first episode since Nicole’s return home on Wednesday November 11. Nicole opened up about how different this season was. Nicole explained that if her first season was anything similar to what her all-star season was like, she would have never gone back. She shared,”This season was absolutely different from anything I ever experienced in the Big Brother world.” She described the season as being “hell.” Nicole recapped the finale night, explaining how difficult it was to process everything on live television rather than in the jury house.

She admitted that prior to going on the show, she had a lot going on in her life such as planning a wedding during the pandemic as well as preparing herself for an all-star season. She opened up about having to mentally prepare for the season as she deals with a lot of anxiety on a daily basis. She also was working really hard to get into shape for the season. During her time in the house, there was a lot of unknown amongst the house guests regarding the state of the outside world. She did not even know if her wedding would still be happening. She admitted to being scared to even step outside of the seclusion. Once leaving, Nicole was not able to sleep for 48 hours. She joked with Victor about how she was afraid she would never be able to sleep again.

It sounds like Big Brother All-Stars really took a toll on Nicole mentally. At least she is home now with her fiancé and back to planning her wedding. Despite how difficult this season may have been for her, the show has brought Nicole Franzel a lot of experience and success in her life.

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Source: Coco Caliente Podcast, Nicole Franzel

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