PS5 Owners Can Also Play PlayStation Plus Collection Games On PS4


The games included with the PlayStation Plus Collection on PS5 will actually be playable for free on PS4, but only for those with a next-gen console.

The free games offered in the PlayStation Plus Collection can be played on a PS4 – provided they’re claimed on a PS5 first. That unadvertised feature could give PS4 owners another reason to hang onto their old consoles after upgrading to the latest hardware, if the promise of several more years of support from Sony wasn’t enough.

Sony announced the PS Plus Collection earlier this year as a way to give new PS5 owners a treasure trove of backwards compatible games to play. The PS Plus Collection gives subscribers to Sony’s PS Plus online service access to some great PS4 games, including God of War, Bloodborne, and Monster Hunter World at no additional cost.

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At the time, Sony specifically said that the PS Plus Collection was coming to PS5, seemingly shutting down any idea that its library would be free to play on PS4, despite that being the native platform for its games. However, it now appears that the truth is a little more complex than that. GameSpot reports that the games in the PS Plus Collection can actually be accessed for free on a PS4, but only after players claim the games on a PS5 first.

PS5 PS Plus Cover


That’s still quite a caveat, as it means that players will still need to get one of Sony’s extremely hard-to-find new consoles just to be able to play PS Plus Collection games for free on PS4. As GameSpot points out, though, that could provide a good reason for PlayStation fans to hold onto their old consoles and save valuable PS5 storage space by loading up the PS4 with a new collection of free games. Given how limited hard drive space on the PS5 is, it may be more practical to simply hang onto an old console rather than shelling out for a pricey storage expansion.

It’s not entirely out of the question that PS4 players could get access to the PS Plus Collection without redeeming it on a PS5 first somewhere down the line, but it’s not likely to happen any time soon. The PS Plus Collection is seen as something of a reply to the superior Xbox Game Pass, which offers an expansive library of games from across Xbox’s history. The PlayStation Plus Collection certainly looks like a solid start for Sony bringing more games to PS5 players, and with its games playable on PS4, it provides a good reason to keep two generations of PlayStation consoles under one roof.

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Source: GameSpot

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