Sony Wants Players To Choose Its PS5 Hashtag Emoji


With its new generation gaming platform now launched, Sony wants its fans to make the vital decision of which emoji will encapsulate the PS5 era.

The PlayStation 5 needs a new hashtag emoji, and Sony wants players to choose it. Now that the PS5 has been released, Sony is looking to mix things up for the new generation of gaming. And who better to help it on its way than its biggest fans.

The launch of the PlayStation 5 on Thursday was the final step to take the gaming community into its new generation. With a vast catalogue of exclusives to its name, the PlayStation 5 launch has been one of the most anticipated events of 2020 – and, thankfully, one that even COVID-19 could not stop from happening. Despite no physical consoles being readily available to purchase in-store on launch day, the sales through pre-orders surpassed more than Sony could have ever dreamed. In the first 12 hours of their release online, more PS5 consoles were sold than the PS4 sold in its first 12 weeks.

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Now Sony is looking to its players to help it make the next choice in its future and, as this is the 21st century, that means this decision is based on Emojis. Putting a reel on its Twitter feed, PlayStation has asked its fans to aid it in the vital decision of which emoji to use for this generation of PlayStation gaming. The reel shows an array of PlayStation options to choose from, including the instantly recognizable button layout of the triangle, circle, cross and square. Then there are variations on the new PlayStation 5 console itself and the DuelSense controller. In keeping with Sony’s PlayStation branding, all Emojis are in the iconic blue synonymous with the brand. The 12 Emojis in circulation on the video will be whittled down through 3 selection rounds until only 1 remains as the new hashtag for this generation of gaming.

Many fans have already shared their choice with PlayStation. By leaving a screenshot of their favored emoji in the comments below the original post, they are letting the votes be heard. Thus far, there does not appear to be a clear front runner for this selection round, with each emoji already receiving a smattering of backers.

Sony had a great launch for its newest games console yesterday, even receiving praise from Nintendo’s Doug Bowser on its release. The PlayStation 5 is still yet to be available in Europe, but there is not too much longer to wait until it is. Until then, those yet to receive their consoles can cast their vote for PlayStation’s new generation Emoji and be part of something epochal for the future gaming community.

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The PlayStation 5 is available now.

Source: PlayStation / Twitter


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