The 5 Most Annoying Things Raj Ever Did (& The 5 Sweetest)


Rajesh Koothrapalli became one of the main characters in the popular CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory, after initially starting out as peripheral to the main storyline involving Leonard, Penny, and Sheldon.

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Raj is an adorably goofy astrophysicist and a desperate romantic at heart. He is also needy and one of the running gags in the series is his perceived queer relationship with his best mate Howard Wolowitz. Here are some instances when Raj was incredibly sweet during the course of the series and some others when he was simply annoying.

10 Annoying: Set Up A Scavenger Hunt With A Disappointing Ending



Raj had a penchant for setting up what he considered fun games, like a murder mystery or a scavenger hunt for the gang, and blackmailed them into participating whether or not they were interested.

Now, on one occasion, the gang found themselves in the midst of a scavenger hunt, and soon enough they were engrossed in following and making sense of the clues. However, after a somewhat exciting hunt, they were met with an anti-climax when it was revealed that there was no actual prize in the end, and that Raj meant to give them all some sort of philosophical understanding about life. It’s understandable why the gang would be annoyed.

9 Sweetest: Set Up A Date For Issabella

There were two sides to Raj’s brief association with Issabella, the cleaning lady at Caltech. On the one hand, he did a rather despicable thing by telling his friends that he was seeing an astronomer, but on the other hand, he took pains to make her feel special.

Raj took a liking to the cleaning lady, Issabella, and the two, both lonely and in need of love, developed a special bond. Raj even went to the extent of cleaning up the offices so that she could take a breath and relax. He also set up a dinner date for her and the two got talking. His gestures towards her were thoughtful and sweet, even though he did lie to his friends about who she was.

8 Annoying: Ruined A Night For Penny & Leonard

Penny in The Big Bang Theory

When the whole gang drove to San Francisco for a science conference, the sleeping arrangements were disrupted when Penny came to crash in Sheldon and Leonard’s room after Amy apparently kept on biting her.

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However, Sheldon soon left the room, unable to sleep with a couple who could potentially engage in ‘coitus’, he ended up with Raj and kicked him out of his room. Raj, then, in turn, went to Leonard and Penny, and annoyingly slipped into the bed beside them despite seeing them together, thus interrupting their shenanigans. From Leonard’s perspective, one can see how this would be really annoying.

7 Sweetest: Agreed To Help With Citations

Raj and Leonard Library TBBT

In the final season, Sheldon and Amy turned to their best friend Leonard to help them track down and verify the hundreds of citations they had put into their paper on super-asymmetry.

Leonard, in turn, asked Raj for help with the work since it was too much for him to undertake alone, and like the sweetheart that he was, Raj, who needn’t have bothered with it at all, agreed.

6 Annoying: Engaged In Twitter Feud

Raj and Tyson TBBT

As Raj gradually became a loose end on the show, being the only single guy in the gang, the writers had to find storylines for him, some of which were a waste of time and plain annoying.

For instance, Raj engaged in a never-ending Twitter feud with the celebrated astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson. This wasn’t Tyson’s first appearance in the hit comedy, and while it was amazing of him to appear in a cameo and appreciate the fun, the plot itself was rather frustrating.

5 Sweetest: Hung Out With Girlfriend’s Ex To Make Him Feel Better

Raj with Nell's Husband

Raj was approached by a beautiful young woman called Nell after one of his planetarium shows and the two started dating. But Raj soon finds out that Nell had only very recently separated from her husband, which made him insecure.

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However, insecure or not, Raj was always the gentlest in the group, and when Nell’s husband showed up to check him out, he felt bad for him and started hanging out with him, guilt-ridden at having slept with his wife. He even went as far as to get the couple back together, which of course, meant he was once again left hanging, but only because he did something truly, and needlessly, sweet.

4 Annoying: Acted Possessive With Anu

Raj and Anu TBBT

Raj finally found a girl he liked, Anu, in the final season, who was ready to work on a relationship with him.

However, like a creep, although he had only known Anu for a few weeks, Raj started spying on her through a doorbell camera he had installed for her security, and like a possessive boyfriend, became insecure and jealous when he saw her hugging another man who turned out to be her ex. Anu was, justifiably, annoyed, and thought that Raj was crossing a line.

3 Sweetest: Got A Huge Teddy For The Unborn Baby

Raj was incredibly sweet when Howard and Bernadette were pregnant with their first baby, trying to help them the best he could, although he definitely lost it at times.

However, even when he went overboard, his gestures came from a very good place, for, after all, his heart was in the right place. When Bernadette was still pregnant with Halley, Raj got her a huge teddy bear that almost touched the ceiling. It was too much, sure, but it was sweet nonetheless.

2 Annoying: Became Whiny & Needy

Rajesh Koothrapalli

Raj stayed single until the very end of the series and about halfway through his arc went a tad haywire.

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His character, in general, became whiny and clingy, and he didn’t have to do anything, in particular, to appear annoying at times. Even though he was still cute and gentle, the way he spoke and behaved was enough to annoy fans. His neediness also got him involved in foolish rivalries with Stuart and sparring on social media, as mentioned before.

1 Sweetest: Helped With The Babies

One of the sweetest things Raj did for Howard and Bernadette was to help around the house when their babies arrived, especially after their daughter, Halley, was born.

Needy or not, Raj’s presence helped the young parents no end as they struggled to settle into a new role. He took a lot of work off their hands and was a genuine friend in need, thus forging a stronger bond with the couple.

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