What Carla Gugino Could’ve Looked Like As Catwoman In Zack Snyder’s DCEU


Fan art envisions Carla Gugino as Catwoman in the DC Extended Universe after director Zack Snyder liked the suggestion of her casting as Selina Kyle.

Gorgeous fan art envisions actress Carla Gugino as Catwoman in the DC Extended Universe after director Zack Snyder liked the suggestion of her casting as Selina Kyle. Snyder helped establish and develop the DCEU through his work on Man of Steel and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. But though the director had plenty of plans for his DC movie universe, those were largely thrown out when Snyder exited Justice League, leaving Joss Whedon to finish the film and Warner Bros. to chart a new path for the franchise. Since then, Snyder has returned to complete the Justice League Snyder Cutwhich will premiere on HBO Max in 2021, but as of yet, he has no other DC projects planned.

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In the years since his exit from the DCEU, Snyder has dropped hints about the ways in which he had planned to expand the DCEU even further, including what characters he would have potentially introduced. Recently, Snyder hinted that his DCEU Batman (Ben Affleck) may have had a romantic history with Catwoman. It’s unclear whether Catwoman would’ve appeared in one of Snyder’s DC movies after Justice League, or if that history would’ve been left unexplored. Still, the director did endorse the idea of Gugino as a potential Catwoman, which implies he’s at least put some thought into the character.

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In a new piece of fan art, digital artist ApexForm imagines Gugino as the DCEU’s version of the beloved cat burglar. The artwork puts Gugino in Catwoman’s iconic one-piece outfit. The artist has also added in cool details like Catwoman’s cat-eared cowl and goggles. You can check out ApexForm’s stunning creation below:

Gugino would certainly be a strong fit to play Catwoman, especially within the DCEU given her past work with Snyder. In fact, she played a superhero before in Snyder’s 2009 movie Watchmen, where she appeared as the first Silk Spectre, Sally Jupiter. In Snyder’s Sucker Punch, she played the dual roles of Dr. Gorski and Madam Gorski, which showcased Gugino’s range in different types of roles in a single film. Between her impressive acting chops, past work with Snyder, and fiery personality, the actress would undoubtedly have made a fantastic Catwoman.

However, given Snyder’s exit from the DCEU and Warner Bros’ expansion of the universe beyond the Man of Steel director’s original plans, it’s unlikely that Gugino will ever don the Catwoman mantle. Not only has a new actor been cast as Batman – Robert Pattinson, who’s starring in The Batman – but another actress is currently in the role of Catwoman for Matt Reeves’ movie: Zoe Kravitz. Hopefully Kravitz will showcase the cat burglar in a better light than the likes of Halle Berry’s Catwoman. But there will still be those who wonder what Gugino’s Catwoman could’ve looked like. With The Batman set in a separate universe to the DCEU, there’s still potential for another Catwoman to be introduced, perhaps even portrayed by Gugino, but that’s not very likely. For now, this Catwoman fan art will have to suffice.

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Source: apexform/Instagram

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