Zoom Will Let Users Chat For As Long As They Want On Thanksgiving


Zoom will be lifting call length limits for everyone during Thanksgiving, allowing users to chat with friends and family for as long as they want

Zoom has confirmed it is giving back to customers for the holidays by removing the 40-minute time limit on video calls during Thanksgiving. The popular communications company employs a time limit on its service for free tier users. However, for a limited time, Zoom will be letting families, friends, and everyone else, video chat for as long as they want.

Zoom has been around since 2011, when the American communications technology company was founded in San Jose. The service has risen in popularity over time, most notably during the ongoing pandemic in 2020. This year, it has become widely used in both professional and educational environments, and has served as an important tool for families to communicate when they can’t physically be together.

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In recognition that many families will not be able to gather in a traditional way this Thanksgiving, Zoom will be lifting the 40-minute limit for all meetings globally. The lift will last from midnight ET on November 26 through to 6 a.m. ET on November 27, opening up the option for friends and family to communicate as often as they like and for as long as they want during the holiday. After Thanksgiving, those using free a Zoom account will once again be limited to 40 minutes for group meetings.

Zoom Free & Paid Plans Explained

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The free plan on Zoom is naturally the most basic, allowing for unlimited one-to-one meetings and a 40-minute maximum call for group meetings. Those group meetings, by the way, can have up to 100 different participants at the same time. Moving up to the pro plan, which costs $149.90 per year (per license), allows unlimited group meetings, social media streaming, and 1GB of cloud recording per license. Although this plan comes with a maximum of nine licenses, making it ideal for smaller teams, but not larger groups.

There is also a business Zoom plan, which starts at $1,999 per year for 10 licenses. The perks include being able to host up to 300 participants, cloud recording transcripts, managed domains and company branding. The enterprise plan, with the price starting at $19,990 per year for 100 licenses, allows up to 500 participants, unlimited cloud storage and a dedicated Customer Success Manager. There’s also different add-ons that users can include with their Zoom subscriptions, like the $1,200 per year audio plan, the $480 per year cloud storage plan, or the $600 per year large meetings plan.

As to be expected, the average person tends to stick to the free plan, and likely knows the frustrations of having their chat end after just 40 minutes. Zoom has already removed the time limit for students during the coronavirus pandemic, but that still leaves many people around the world constrained by the general time restriction. While it is only for a single day, unlimited Zoom chats on Thanksgiving will be a welcomed change.

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