10 Superman Vs Homelander Memes That Are Absolutely Hilarious


Ever since Homelander was introduced to streaming audiences, courtesy of Amazon Prime, the comparisons with Superman have been endless. The two characters are quite similar, and that’s because most of the Supes in The Boys are parodies of traditional Marvel and DC heroes that fans have known for a long time.

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Homelander’s villainy comes off as hilarious at times and this has prompted fans of the show to create several memes about him. A good number of memes use both him and Superman to make comparisons to everyday occurrences. Here are some of the best Homelander Vs Superman memes out there

10 The Dating Scene Is Tough

Homelander Vs Superman Meme 1


When it comes to general strength, Homelander isn’t quite as capable as Superman. While trying to save the victims of a hijacked plane to safety, he states that he is unable to use his full strength while flying. He needs to stand on a solid surface in order to do so. He thus lets the plane crash.

Superman, on the other hand, prevented plenty of planes from crashing in Superman Returns. He did so too many times in the comics. The meme is thus very relatable to men since when faced with two options, a decent woman is more likely to choose a more capable man like Superman, rather than a man with limitations like Homelander.

9 Power Can Corrupt The Purest Of Souls

Homelander Vs Superman meme

It’s easy to picture what you’ll do when you finally get something that you’ve often dreamt of. But acting rationally when your dreams finally come true is another challenge altogether.

Do you dream of saving the world if you ever get Superman’s strengths and abilities? Well, you might find yourself wrestling whales for fun instead. Outside the context of the joke, the meme also has a moral lesson, proving that it’s quite easy to abuse power if you have too much of it. And that power, fame, or fortune brings out one’s true character.

8 Things Can Get Stale Is Left Unchecked

Homelander Vs Superman meme

Relationships aren’t easy and if both partners don’t put in the work required, the once sweet love might morph into something toxic like Homelander’s personality. Even though the meme doesn’t apply to all relationships, it sure does apply to a lot of them.

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In the first few weeks, partners tend to be obsessed with each other. They are like Lois and Clark. Everything is SUPER to put it literally. But as always, familiarity breeds contempt. As partners get used to each other, they start to argue more and take each other for granted.

7 No Chance You Are Getting It

Homelander Vs Superman meme

Back to Homelander’s strengths and abilities… things don’t look that good. Applying for a job can make one really hopeful and anxious. Luck might be on your side but if the other person who applied is way more qualified than you, the chances are slim. What’s worse is is they went to a better institution.

There is no doubt that Superman would be favored for a job over Homelander. The former has saved passengers on planes several times while the latter failed to do so when he had the chance. Clark Kent would easily get the job. That’s unless the company doing the hiring is Vought International.

6 Up To No Good

Homelander Vs Superman meme

Every parent expects their grown child to be a responsible student in college; a student that studies all the time and doesn’t break any rules. That’s not always the case. Instead, students take advantage of the lack of supervision from mummy and daddy by engaging in all forms of debauchery.

While Superman is known for being the perfect role model, the Supes, led by Homelander prefer to be as bad as possible. After all, the only people they have to fear are guys without powers like Hughie.

5 Well… Isn’t That Disappointing

Homelander Vs Superman meme

Curiosity killed the tongue! Having dinner or lunch at a new restaurant can be a wonderful experience. Seeing a variety of options on the menu can even be more exciting. However, experimentation doesn’t always yield gratification. Better the burger you know than the seafood you don’t know.

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While Clark Kent’s actions are always admirable, Homelander’s actions bring a sour taste to the mouth. Lasering the Mayor of Baltimore’s plane and causing it to crash while his young boy (who is a fan) is in it? Take the meal back please, waiter!

4 No Family Indeed!

Homelander Vs Superman meme 9 Cropped

Homelander is kinda right. Except for the varying degrees of strength, what Superman can do, Homelander can do too. And he doesn’t rely on the sun’s rays to power him up. All that Compound V he took while he was a toddler is enough.

There isn’t an external factor such as Kryptonite limiting Homelander’s powers too. And despite the fact that family is everything, Homelander does just fine without mommy, daddy, or an equally abled Super-cousin. The public isn’t aware of that, though. Vought International lied to them that Homelander was an alien who fell on Earth as a baby and was raised by adoptive parents.

3 Steve Rogers Got Thrown Into The Arena Too

Homelander Vs Superman meme

In the world of The Boys, Homelander is viewed as the true American hero. The public loves him, thanks to Vought International’s frequent marketing campaigns, as well as his penchant to wave all the time like a politician.

Logically, Homelander does qualify as the true American hero at the moment. Henry Cavill is British (well, Clark Kent isn’t but… ) and Steve Rogers is gone. Who is left? The star of Vought International, of course.

2 Trying Is Good Enough

Homelander Vs Superman meme

Not everyone has a singing gift but it doesn’t hurt to try. So long as you are not going all the way to record an actual album, no one can fault you for the effort.

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The meme hilariously equates a terrible singing voice to Homelander, which is just about accurate. The captain of The Seven is all about terrible things and he’s proud of it. Everyone tends to be proud after trying to sound like their favorite singer at a bar. It doesn’t matter if the audience was cringing all the time.

1 Why Isn’t It As Easy?

Homelander Vs Superman meme

In video games, a cutscene is a sequence that is not interactive. The AI controls the characters at this point in order to move the story forward. Such scenes usually show conversations or introduce extra gameplay elements. During cutscenes, characters behave as normally as they would in an animated film or TV show.

However, when gameplay resumes, the absurdity of the characters resumes too. The walking style and various other characteristics are hilarious, thanks to the player moving the controls around. This meme thus explains how calm things are during cutscenes and how chaotic they are during normal gameplay.

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