10 Tattoos Inspired By Tim Burton Movies


Tim Burton’s movies have had major cultural influence in terms of the genre of dark whimsy. While many of the movies have themes of death and loss, they are not so harsh that children cannot enjoy them. In fact, many of the films inspire children and adults alike. The movies often tell lessons about self-acceptance in a world that makes you feel like an outsider.

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Besides the themes, the movies are also incredibly creative. They have introduced worlds and characters that are unforgettable like Halloweentown from The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) and Edward from Edward Scissorhands (1990). Not only that, but the gothic style in the animated films have been quite popular. With all of this cultural impact, tattoos inspired by Tim Burton movies are not uncommon.

10 “Never Trust The Living”

never trust the living gravestone


This is a fan tattoo for Tim Burton’s 1988 comedy fantasy movie Beetlejuice. The tattoo was done by Brian McCormick at Redbird Electric in Springfield, IL. The plot of the movie is about a recently-deceased couple that haunts their home to try to scare away the new buyers.

This tattoo has a prominent quote from the movie, “never trust the living,” which is said by afterlife caseworker Juno when counseling the protagonists about how they are doing a poor job haunting their home. The tattoo also features the iconic sandworm, which chase and hunt ghosts that are stuck in limbo.

9 The Dogs Of Tim Burton

the dogs of tim burton movies

Besides ghosts and skeletons, Tim Burton films seem to have a thing for undead dogs. This tattoo, done by diabloxblanco, features undead dogs from Frankenweenie (2012), The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Corpse Bride (2005). While they are all from different movies, the dogs do look as though by belong together.

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All these dogs actually look like they can be the same character, but at different stages of the undead: from a zombie to a skeleton to a ghost.

8 Tim Burton Sleeve

tim burton character sleeve

When you cannot decide what Tim Burton movie to get a tattoo of, why not just get an amalgamation of them? This sleeve has all kinds of characters from Tim Burton films, such as Zero and Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas, Sparky and the Weird Girl from Frankenweenie, and, of course, the sandworm from Beetlejuice. The tattoo sleeve was done by Chaotic Ink Jen, an artist from California.

7 Sparky

sparky with heart

Sparky is the sweet undead dog from Frankenweenie. Like the creature in Frankenstein, the dog is brought back to life. However, instead of a mad scientist bringing it back, it is brought back by its loving child guardian.

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While the film is not known as Tim Burton’s best work, a lot of fans were touched by the relationship between a boy and his dog. After all, many people have had the experience of the death of a beloved pet. This Tim Burton tattoo was done by Dayton Skuse

6  Jack Skellington

jack skellington tattoo

Jack Skellington is the most iconic Tim Burton character, and he’s the protagonist of one of his best films, The Nightmare Before Christmas. This tattoo of Jack was done at Holy Trinity Tattoos Wigan. Not only does the tattoo have Jack, but it includes his ghost dog Zero and his dwelling in Halloweentown in the background.

Part of what made Jack such a special character is that he has a creepy design but has the personality of a child on Christmas day. He is curious, easily excited, and passionate.

5 Corpse Bride Emily

colored corpse bride tattoo

Like The Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride is a stop-motion musical fantasy movie. It never got quite as popular, but Corpse Bride is still beloved by plenty of fans. The story follows a groom who accidentally accepts to wed an undead bride.

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This tattoo of the movies’ most popular character, Emily, was done in Italy by Ilaria Tattoo Art. Their preferred tattoo styles include portraits, abstract, black and grey, full color, and realistic.

4 Tim Burton Balloons

tim burton with balloons tattoo

Fans do not have to get an entire sleeve done to show multiple Tim Burton works in a single tattoo. This adorable tattoo has the man himself, Tim Burton, holding balloons that are in the shapes of his many memorable characters. Among the characters in the balloons are Jack Skellington, Beetlejuice, Sparky, the Chesire Cat, and Edward.

The tattoo was done by merry_tatooer. Like Tim Burton, they enjoy doing art of haunted houses, ghosts, skeletons, and graveyards.

3 Zero

zero and oogie boogie tattoo

Zero is the iconic ghost dog from The Nightmare Before Christmas. He is loyal to Jack, even to the point where he tries to be Rudolph for him when he tries to take over Christmas.

This photograph was taken by tattoosbyjaclyn, who actually didn’t credit themselves for the Zero tattoo, but for adding the Oogie Boogie moon in the background. Adding new parts to an old tattoo is part of the fun of tattoos! Oogie Boogie is the main antagonist of the movie, and there is a scene where he is a shadow in the moon, just as is depicted in this tattoo.

2 No Feet

beetlejuice photo and house tattoo

This Beetlejuice tattoo references a couple of objects from the movie. Firstly, it features the house which the protagonists haunt and fight over with the living. Then, there is a photograph of the ghost couple with the note “no feet,” which is from when Lydia takes a picture of them while they try to scare her away.

The tattoo was done by Adam Teitelbaum. A cute aspect of its design is it looks almost like a piece of fan scrapbook.

1  Edward Scissorhands

edward scissorhands tattoo

Edward Scissorhands’ protagonist, Edward, is a popular tattoo choice. After all, the movie is one of Tim Burton’s highest-ranked on IMDb. His character is quite memorable for having an innocent heart but being stuck with the fact that he has scissors for hands, which was both tragic and a little bizarre.

The character was played by Johnny Depp. This tattoo of the character, done by Matthew Murray, does a great job showcasing what made the character unique without having to show his hands. Of course, a pair of scissors is included.

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