Alcohol & Dress Code In Yazan’s Country Jordan Explained


90 Day Fiancé’s Brittany Banks went on a girl’s trip to Jordan with friend Angela and got undue attention due to her clothes. Was she in the wrong?

In the newest episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, fans saw Brittany Banks being her rebellious self in Jordan. After her explosive spat with Yazan over his car crash, Brittany headed to Amman with the intention of not seeing her fiancé and having a girls’ trip instead. The aspiring rapper’s trip saw her visit the local market in questionable clothes and get tipsy at a bar. The prying eyes on Brittany and her friend Angela made 90 Day Fiancé fans wonder what the alcohol and dress code rules in Yazan’s country Jordan are.

Brittany Banks’ bikini created a scandal worthy of an honor killing for Yazan and his family. On top of that, Brittany’s disinterest in converting Islam irked the 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way family even more. While they wouldn’t have known she was delaying the wedding due to still being married, Brittany’s social media caused Yazan’s father to throw him out of the house and fire him. In spite of knowing of the ruckus her risqué OOTDs could create in the conservative country, 90 Day Fiancé fans saw Brittany head out to the market with a low, cleavage-bearing top. Her friend Angela tried to be the voice of reason, but Brittany wanted to have it her way. After being met with awkward stares and even hearing someone shout “haram,” the 90 Day Fiancé star headed straight to the bar to face even more uncomfortable looks. Did Brittany take her freedom in being fashionable too far in Jordan?

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While 90 Day Fiancé’s Brittany may claim to know about Jordan’s etiquette, she didn’t seem to be mindful during her latest visit. Travel blog WanderlustChloe notes that, although Yazan’s country is far more relaxed than neighboring Iran and Saudi Arabia where women generally “cover-up or wear hijabs,” it does have a code of conduct when it comes to dressing. “Generally women cover their legs, arms, and chest, with skirts and shorts considered particularly disrespectful and provocative,” notes the article. Locals cover their hair up with headscarves or hoodies, and hence long hair “might attract a bit of attention.” Layering is the best option while deciding an outfit, and scarves are very useful, along with accessories to shield oneself from the extreme temperatures of Amman.

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With over 90 percent of the total Jordanian people being Muslim, alcohol is considered haram (forbidden) for most of the population. While the citizens love to party, they seldom need alcohol for a lively nightlife – tea and coffee do the trick too, as per LonelyPlanet. Meanwhile, TouristJordan mentions how drinking on the streets can lead to arrest, and public “displays of drunkenness” are frowned upon. “The best way to drink alcohol in Jordan is at a bar, hotel, or restaurant,” states the source. Amman, Aqaba, and Madaba cater to international visitors while serving a range of spirits. “It is acceptable for foreign visitors to drink alcohol in Jordan as long as they respect the local people and customs,” it adds while also mentioning the nation’s emerging wine industry.

Considering these rules, 90 Day Fiancé fans did see Brittany dismiss the dress code with her low-cut blouse. It also explains why Brittany’s friend Angela, who dressed appropriately with multiple layers, is being applauded by TLC fans online. Could Brittany have still worn the outfit had the 90 Day Fiancé camera crew not been with her? Although she accepted her mistake, is this a sign of how Brittany will behave when or if she does decide to get married to Yazan?

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Source: Wanderlust Chloe, Lonely Planet, Tourist Jordan

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