Best Holiday Tech Gifts Under $20 In 2020


For shoppers that don’t have a large spending budget this holiday season, here are some great tech gift ideas that all cost $20 or less.

With the holidays around the corner, it can be hard looking for tech gifts for friends and family. Technology itself can cost a lot of money, and while peripherals such as phone cases and memory cards are essentials, there’s a good chance someone already owns them. The internet certainly makes shopping for tech gifts easier, but finding a good gift can still be difficult (and time-consuming) when browsing so many online stores, and especially if the buyer is less familiar with tech in general.

For shoppers that know what tech a friend or family member regularly uses, it can be easy enough to find an affordable gift that can make things easier and more enjoyable. Do they work on a computer everyday? Are they often on social media sites like Instagram? Questions like these usually lead to clear answers for what a friend or family member might enjoy in a gift. It also might come down to understanding what problems they might be currently facing as some gifts could potentially solve them. When it comes to technology, there will always be problems with devices, whether it is user error or not.

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If aiming to limit the spending this year, there are still some great and affordable gifts one could buy, even for those that don’t consider themselves tech wizards. For example, $20 can go a long way and provide recipients with a gift they can use and enjoy for a number of years. This is also irrespective of whether the person uses a computer, phone, or smart device, as there are plenty of budget gifts available and some of them can even be useful across multiple devices, such as the TP-Link N300 Wi-Fi Extender.

TPLink Is Spreading Joy (& Wi-Fi)

TPLink N300 WiFi Extender


No matter the friend or family member, they probably want good and reliable internet. However, in larger homes some rooms might be too far away from the router to get the signal they need without bad quality or lag. This can result in it taking longer to browse the web, watch videos, or send emails. For families facing this problem, there is the TP-Link N300 Wi-Fi Extender. This device can be plugged into a nearby wall, will pick up the router’s Wi-Fi signal, and then make it more accessible in other areas of the home. It is a cheap way to optimize internet speeds for devices upstairs (or in the basement) and costs less than $20.

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JOTO Provides Smiles (& Waves)

The JOTO Universal Waterproof Pouch will help a smartphone owner take entertaining photos and videos underwater. Any phone smaller than seven inches will fit inside this pouch and be kept safe from the damage that would typically happen when an electronics device is submerged, unless they have sufficient water-resistance. While now is not the time, those who like to travel will find this gift particularly useful, as money, passports, and other belongings can also be placed inside the pouch, along with the phone. This affordable gift can be purchased in a two-pack for $10, and in either clear, black, green, or pink colors.

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Esicoo Offers A Simple Way To “Smarten Up”

Esicoo Smart Plug

If a friend or family member is planning a smart home network, one gift they will appreciate is a pack of Esicoo Smart Plugs. These plugs can be commanded by a smartphone or voice assistant to open and close circuits. As a result, light fixtures, fans, air conditioners, and coffee makers are all examples of devices that users will be able to quickly and easily turn on or off, and even when not in the same room. These plugs can also turn on and off on their own by setting a schedule so, for instance, users can set their exterior lights to come on right before they come home from work each day. These smart tech plugs are compatible with Alexa and Google voice assistants, and cost under $20 for a pack of four, making them an ideal Holidays 2020 stocking filler.

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