Finding Nemo Main Characters, Ranked By Likability


The key to any good animated movie is to have characters that are relatable and likable. Because they’re not physically real, the characters need over the top personalities, but not to the point where they become overbearing or annoying, which is the case with some animated shows and movies.

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Finding Nemo is a great example of how to create not just a great lead character, but an exciting array of likable characters who all offer something different. Each character has a unique personality, and while fish and other sea creatures aren’t something humans can really relate with, because of how likable the characters are in this movie, it ended up connecting perfectly.

10 Darla



When it comes to the movie world, every film needs an antagonist and someone who is a little unlikeable. While Finding Nemo doesn’t have a villain in the normal sense, Darla does fill the role of a character that everyone can dislike.

While she is only a child, her overexcitement about getting a new fish often leads to its death, which is something that just instantly makes her unlikeable. She isn’t actually in the movie for very long, but during that time she becomes the least liked character quite comfortably.

9 Mr. Ray

Mr Ray

Mr. Ray is the school teacher that is shown early on in the movie and is the character who takes Nemo under his care. However, it is also under Mr. Ray’s care where Nemo swims off to the boat and ends up being captured, which does leave some frustrations towards him.

However, he is a character that is full of personality and is a lot of fun within the movie. He’s loud and larger than life, clearly caring about the other fish that he teaches, ensuring that all of his lessons are as fun as possible, which makes him a likable character.

8 Bruce


Sure, Bruce does end up trying to eat Dory and Marlin, but that’s only because he smells blood. It doesn’t change his likability, which is very high because he’s a shark that isn’t out to eat fish. Seeing what would normally be considered to be a villain shown in a different light is a fun twist, and that makes him a lot of fun.

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He’s easy to like, especially alongside the other sharks, which him a lot of fun to watch. Bruce’s dynamic with Dory, in particular, is a lot of fun to watch as they form a very unique friendship that most people wouldn’t have expected.

7 Gill

Gill is a tough one to rank and is a character that some people could easily dislike. He sees himself within Nemo, but he also sees an opportunity. He knows Nemo can fit into the small gap to clog up the cleaning pipe of the fish tank which could lead to their escape, and he pushes the young fish to make that happen.

Of course, that nearly leads to Nemo dying and while Gill does admit he went too far, he still does push Nemo to that point in the first place. However, he does bring the best out of Nemo and helps the clownfish learn to believe in himself, teaching him some valuable lessons during their time together. Ultimately, he wants what is best for everyone else, and that’s not a bad thing at all.

6 Nigel

Nigel is a really fun character who is very easy to like. While he isn’t down in the ocean with the rest of the fish, he is someone who makes a big impact on the movie. Nigel is the source of information for the fish within the tank, and the fact that he sees them as a friend, rather than food shows a lot about him.

He’s certainly got a lot of energy and can be all over the place at points, but that only makes him even more likable. Nigel is kind and caring, all while being very funny and that is one of the reasons he is so great.

5 Crush


Crush is the personification of cool. Everything about the turtle radiates that relaxed, chilled vibe and it makes him a really fun character within the movie. He doesn’t stress about anything and just takes it all in, allowing things to be what they will, and that makes for a lot of fun.

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He provides great advice and help to Dory and Marlin within their journey, and that instantly makes him likable. Crush is very funny and the manner in which he behaves just instantly makes him a hit with audiences.

4 Squirt

While Crush is very cool and knowledgeable, Squirt just has that charm factor going for himself because he’s a lot younger. As one of Crush’s sons, he has the same laid back attitude to life which is very funny to see within a young personality.

However, he is also full of life and energy, wanting to play and have fun and that makes him a really likable character within the movie. Squirt is someone audiences would have enjoyed seeing more of, but he certainly makes the most of his time on-screen.

3 Nemo

It is easy to see why Nemo is one of the most likable characters in this movie. He’s only a young character, but he’s someone who has a good attitude and always tries his hardest, which is particularly shown when he blocks the fish tank from being cleaned.

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While he does throw a strop at the start of the film, which leads to him being captured, he is still a very fun and exciting character. He is kind and caring about others and always tries to be nice to people, which makes him a very easy character to relate with and to like.

2 Marlin

Sure, there are times when Marlin is a little grumpy and can be rude to those around him, particularly to Dory, and yes, the way he treats his son is what actually drives him away. But there is no denying the fact that Marlin is an incredibly likable character.

He does everything within his power to get Nemo back and the effort he goes to and the situations he is forced to push through in order to achieve that goal are incredible. He’s put through a lot of tough situations, even from the start with his partner and countless children being killed. But he doesn’t let his spirits get him down, which makes him a very likable character.

1 Dory

Finding Dory Marlin

When it comes to likability, Dory really does take the top spot. She’s the perfect sidekick character and even though she’s technically not the lead, it is this character that ends up stealing the show. She has a brilliant blend of humor and emotion, bringing some real highs and lows throughout.

She always tries to keep an upbeat, positive attitude to every situation which is something that instantly makes her likable. She’s loyal and doesn’t give up, no matter the setbacks, and always tries her hardest which makes her such a great character overall.

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