Halloween Kills Image Reveals Jamie Lee Curtis’ Fake Bruises


Jamie Lee Curtis shares a behind-the-scenes photo of her make-up for Halloween Kills, showing off sleeves of bruises, as part of a fundraiser.

A new image from the set of Halloween Kills reveals Jamie Lee Curtis’ look for the upcoming movie, fake bruises and all. Curtis will reprise her role as Laurie Strode in this sequel to 2018’s Halloween, David Gordon Green’s successful reboot of horror icon John Carpenter’s 1978 classic of the same name. Though Carpenter’s Halloween had already inspired a long list of sequels and remakes, Green and writing partner Danny McBride decided to wipe away everything but the original for their reboot, returning to Haddonfield, Illinois forty years after Michael Meyers’ killing spree.

Their movie was a hit with both critics and audiences, with Curtis’ performance as a traumatized, hardened version of Laurie considered one its most successful elements. Soon afterward, it was announced that two further sequels from the same creative team were in development: Halloween Kills, scheduled for October 2020, and Halloween Ends, scheduled for October 2021. Though the release dates for Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends were pushed back a year due to COVID-19, both movies wrapped filming in November 2019, ensuring neither will have to deal with the new protocols that have disrupted productions across Hollywood.

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Some early marketing material for Halloween Kills has already surfaced, the latest of which comes directly from Jamie Lee Curtis. In support of a fundraising event for the Clare Matrix addiction treatment center, Curtis released a photo of her as Laurie from what appears to be the set make-up trailer on her Instagram. Sporting the same disheveled look from the 2018 movie, this picture shows Laurie’s arms covered in grime and fake bruises, along with a sizeable purple blotch on her forehead. In the description, Curtis reminds fans that she’s offering a one-on-one Zoom call as part of the Clare Matrix fundraiser and hints that a few secrets about her upcoming Halloween Kills role are part of the bargain for potential bidders.

While readers can only wonder at what the lucky winner of that Zoom call will learn about Halloween Kills, small details in Curtis’ photo can still spark the imagination. It remains to be seen how Laurie’s damaged psyche will respond to her decades’ worth of paranoia being justified by Michael’s second attack, but her largely unchanged look doesn’t make it seem like she successfully rejoins society. Laurie’s heavy bruising is unsurprising, given the survivalist skills she showed off in 2018’s Halloweenbut could the small cuts along the knuckles of her right hand be from hand-to-hand combat with Michael? Those who loved Laurie’s transformation in 2018’s Halloween from lucky final girl in Carpenter’s original to gun-toting badass in Green’s update would surely relish the opportunity to see Laurie punch the masked killer right in the face.

The chance to see Laurie in action again is just one reason to be excited for Halloween Kills. With the return of characters like Lindsey Wallace and Tommy Doyle, the two children Laurie and her friends were babysitting back in ’78, Green and McBride seem to be leaning more heavily into their concept of reworking the original and it’ll be interesting to see how others in Haddonfield were shaped by the murders. Curtis herself has even declared the movie a masterpiece – that might be too much to hope for at this stage, but if Halloween Kills can repeat the tense, kill-heavy fun of its predecessor, it will have done enough.

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