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Defeat Reiji Ishioda in Yakuza: Like a Dragon by avoiding counterattacks, using debuffs, and exploiting his weaknesses to certain attacks.

In Yakuza: Like a Dragon, players can play as Kasuga, a young man who has spent the last 18 years in prison, as he finds out that his friends aren’t as loyal as they say they are. With the help of his new companions, Kasuga can take down the Yakuza bosses that stand between him and his cleared name. There are nine different bosses in Yakuza: Like a Dragon that Kasuga and his friends must face. He will have to face many of these bosses in multiple chapters. These deadly bosses are sure to give players a run for their money if they aren’t prepared for their attacks. 

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Players will cross paths with Reiji Ishioda three times throughout the course of Yakuza: Like a Dragon. In Chapter 9, 10, and 14, Kasuga will need the help of his friends in order to defeat Ishioda and regain his honor. It’s recommended that players reach level 29 before facing Ishioda. Ishioda can be fought alone in Chapter 10 and 14, and will be weak to hot, cold, and electricity attacks.

How to Defeat Ishioda in Yakuza: Like a Dragon

Ishioda Boss Yakuza Like a Dragon


Chapter 10

In Chapter 10, players will be facing Ishioda alone for the first time. Manage the mobs first to make Ishioda easier to fight. Have Nanba use Extreme Hot Air Prison to take out the mobs. Then use debuffs when more damage can be inflicted on Ishioda than he can inflict on his opponent in order to lower his hit rate and ability power. Use cold, hot, and electric attacks so that Ishioda doesn’t use his counter attack. His counter-attack is very powerful, so make sure that all characters are at maximum health throughout the fight. 

Chapter 14

When players take on Ishioda again in Chapter 14, it’s recommended that they be at least level 47 before engaging Ishioda. Mirror Face will be helping Ishioda, so kill him first using bullet and knife damage. Make sure that he has been defeated before moving on to Ishioda and using debuffs to drain his HP during the fight. Take advantage of Ishioda’s weaknesses in this final battle to take him down quickly. Attack him when he has a red glow to avoid his counterattacks and damage him. 

After carefully balancing all of the character’s HP with their attacks on Ishioda, players should be able to defeat him quickly with the help of their teammates. Remember to avoid his counterattacks and to keep characters’ HP high as much as possible. 

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Yakuza: Like a Dragon is available on Play Station 4, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and very soon Play Station 5.

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