Miles Morales Sets Up The Next PS5 Spider-Man Game


Through clever gameplay innovation and a compelling cliffhanger, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales lays the groundwork for a spectacular sequel.

Insomniac’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales has arrived, and fans are already clamoring for information on the sequel. While fans are likely months away from any concrete information on Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Miles Morales provides plenty of clues about the series’ future, both in terms of story and gameplay.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales depicts the rise of Miles Morales as a new hero. He begins a fledgling, able to fight but unproven to the residents of New York City. By the end of the game, however, Miles has endeared himself to the city’s citizens, as one of the final shots of the game is an artist painting a mural of him next to one of Peter’s Spider-Man. Miles is no longer Peter’s protegee but his peer.

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The ending of Spider-Man: Miles Morales firmly establishes Miles as his own Spider-Man and ensures his place in the sequel. Regardless of Peter’s role in the game (which will probably be significant, given his popularity, story potential, and new face), Miles will likely be a central figure, teaming up with his fellow Spider-Man. Aside from setting up Miles’ role, Spider-Man: Miles Morales contains other elements that foreshadow the series’ future.

Spider-Man 2’s Possible Villain & Friendly Neighborhood Gameplay

Marvels Spider Man Miles Morales Ending Green Goblin Norman Harry Osborne


2018’s Marvel’s Spider-Man contained a major cliffhanger in its after credit’s scene: It revealed that Harry Osborne, who is sick with a deadly disease, has merged with a symbiote as a part of his treatment. At the time of the scene, Harry is secure within a vat, kept in a coma-like state. The mid-credits sequence of Miles Morales shows a restless Norman Osborn demanding his son be released, setting the stage for the symbiote’s introduction into Insomniac’s Spider-Man universe, as well as the emergence of a new, personal villain in the form of a symbiote-infected Harry.

The doctor treating Harry is also shown to be Dr. Curt Connors. In the comics, Curt is a mentor to Peter, and he eventually becomes the villainous Lizard after an experiment to replace his lost arm goes awry. Curt had not previously been seen in Insomniac’s Spider-Man universe, so his inclusion is no accident. The Lizard could very well make an appearance in Spider-Man 2.

Alongside such story elements, Miles Morales introduces a new feature that promises to become a central part in any new Spidey game: the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man App. This app, developed by Miles’ friend Ganke, allows the citizens of New York to contact Spider-Man directly and request help with the most trivial of tasks, such as getting their truck unstuck from immobilizing snow. These mundane missions are a highlight of the series, as they help Spider-Man players feel connected to city and reaffirm the relatability at the heart of the Spider-Mam myth. He is a hero of the people and a friend to all, not a mere ideal or aloof protector. Given the emphasis placed on these missions, and Miles’ role as “Harlem’s Hero,” there’s no question that the future of Spider-Man games lies in the interplay between Spider-Man and the populace of New York City.

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Details on Spider-Man 2 are likely far away, but Spider-Man: Miles Morales prophesizes a bright future. Miles and Peter are equals, and their relationship with New York is only deepening. Add in a symbiote bound to a friend, and the groundwork for Spider-Man 2 is not just planned but firmly laid.

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