Three Houses Gets Steep Discounts On Amazon & Best Buy


Fire Emblem: Three Houses get its best (if not first) deal of its lifespan so far in time for Black Friday holiday deals, dropping the price by a lot.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is finally on sale at Amazon and Best Buy, and this is perhaps the best – if not the first – deal yet for this gigantic Nintendo Switch-exclusive JRPG. Fire Emblem: Three Houses has hundreds of hours worth of content to offer, which is why this sale is such a good deal.

The newest entry in the Fire Emblem series released in 2019, and was beloved by both critics and fans. The game boasts three different story paths that have their own maps and characters, and playing through them all will be a time-sink. Three Houses also offers a unique class system compared to other Fire Emblem games, in which the player character, Byleth, is a professor that is able to tutor their students to what classes they wish their characters to grow into. This can provide a lot of variety in how players build their units, as there are tons of classes available that each have their own strengths and weaknesses. The game isn’t without its flaws, as there have been criticisms on how some routes share some of the same maps, but the sheer amount of content there is to offer is undeniable.

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Now is the best time to pick up this huge JRPG with this sale. At the time of writing, Amazon and Best Buy have the game discounted at 20% and 25%, respectively, with Best Buy selling the physical version for  $34.99. Considering just how many routes the game has to offer with tons of support conversations, class options, and battle maps, this is a great deal for anyone looking to get into Fire Emblem.


The next direction the series will head in after Three Houses is unknown. The game proved to be a massive success in sales, and even got voted for the player’s voice award at The Game Awards. The mobile installment Fire Emblem Heroes is still going strong and still receiving updates, though not without its fair share of controversy. Earlier this year, Three Houses released its last wave of DLC titled Cindered Shadows, which offers up a short story campaign featuring new characters with new support conversations. A new game could be announced in the next few years, but with the standards that Three Houses has set for the series, it’s hard to see where it could go from there. The future is unknown for Fire Emblem.

Whatever direction the series will head in, Fire Emblem: Three Houses has left a legacy that will no doubt carry over into the next installment in the franchise. Even though the game does have its flaws, that also means that those are aspects that could be improved upon in the next entry, which is certainly exciting. It’s possible that the next entry could also be totally unique to the series and bring radical changes to the formula like Three Houses. Until then, this is the best time for anyone to get into Fire Emblem: Three Houses if they haven’t already done so.

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Fire Emblem: Three Houses is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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