Top 10 Disney Channel Shows With The Most Episodes


Disney Channel surprisingly does not have many long running shows, despite many of their series being beloved. Here are shows with the most episodes.

Disney Channel has been a staple in children’s programming since its inception in the 1980s. Since then, Disney Channel has consistently created some of the most popular live-action sitcoms for children and pre-teens to indulge in. With so many successful shows under its belt, it might surprise people to know that Disney Channel doesn’t have that many long-running shows.

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In fact, prior to 2004, Disney Channel has a strict “65 Episode Rule” which meant no show could stay on the air longer than 65 episodes. This is the reason many of Disney Channel’s beloved shows were canceled despite having a strong fanbase. Since the ending of the rule, Disney Channel shows have started to stay on air a lot longer than their predecessors once did.

10 Liv and Maddie – 80 Episodes

Dove Cameron playing LIv and Maddie on Disney Channel


Premiering in July 2013, Liv and Maddie ended its 80 episodes run in March 2017. The series centers on identical twin sisters Liv and Maddie who could not be more different if they tried. While Maddie lives an ordinary high school life and is a star on the basketball team, her twin sister has lived out her days in the world of Hollywood. When Liv returns home the girls must learn how to interact with each other and their very different worlds.

Liv and Maddie became a fan favorite partially due to Dove Cameron and her ability to play both Liv and Maddie. In addition, the show is shot in a documentary-style which Disney Channel doesn’t do quite often.

9 Austin & Ally – 87 Episodes

Original cast of Disney Channel's Austin & Ally

Austin & Ally followed the traditional Disney Channel sitcom mold featuring teenagers who are aspiring to be musicians; thus almost every episode features a musical number in some way. Despite not being extremely original, the series managed to stay on the air for 87 episodes ending its run in January 2016.

Much of the show’s success rested on the leads Laura Marano and Ross Lynch, both of whom could actually sing with the latter belonging to a band with his siblings. Not only was the show successful but they also put out three albums with original songs created for the show.

8 Kim Possible – 87 Episodes

Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable, and Rufus on a mission

Kim Possible has an interesting history with the Disney Channel 65 episode rule. In fact, the series originally ended after it broadcasted 65 episodes with the film Kim Possible: So the Drama serving as the series finale. However, Kim Possible: So the Drama performed so well and the series remained relevant that Disney Channel revived the animated series for a fourth and final season pushing its episode count to 87. Kim Possible is now widely regarded as helping the network end the archaic rule.

Kim Possible centered on the young teenager Kim Possible who doubled as a superhero alongside her best friend Ron Stoppable and his naked role mat Rufus.

7 The Suite Life of Zack & Cody – 87 Episodes

Cole and Dylan Sprouse in The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Premiering in March 2005, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody ran until September 2008 where it managed to rack up 87 episodes. Dylan and Cole Sprouse then got a spin-off of the series which was also quite successful on Disney Channel though it did not surpass The Suite Life of Zack & Cody’s episode count.

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The Suite Life of Zack and Cody followed the lives of twin siblings Zack and Cody who find themselves living in The Tipton Hotel after their mother gets a singing job there.

6 Good Luck Charlie – 97 Episodes

The cast of Good Luck Charlie during its final season

Disney Channel took a different approach when it came to creating Good Luck Charlie. The series centered on the large Duncan family who unlike some of the other Disney Channel families were an ordinary, everyday family. The series premiered on Disney Channel in April 2010 and wrapped in February 2014 after 97 episodes and an underrated Disney Channel Original Movie.

Good Luck Charlie episodes were anchored by eldest daughter Teddy Duncan’s (Bridgit Mendler) video diaries where she gave advice to her younger sister Charlie (Mia Talerico).

5 Jessie – 98 Episodes

Original cast of Jessie

After appearing on The Suite Life on Deck, Disney Channel decided they didn’t want to stop working with Debby Ryan and this created a new show for her to star in. Jessie follows Jessie, a young teenager from a small town, who becomes a nanny for the wealthy Ross family in New York.

Jessie premiered on Disney Channel in September 2011 and completed 98 episodes before the series ended in October 2015. The series was so successful that several of the younger stars managed to land their own spin-off, Bunk’d. 

4 Hannah Montana – 98 Episodes

Emily Osment and Miley Cyrus in Hannah Montana

Arguably one of Disney Channel’s most popular shows, Hannah Montana stayed on their air for four seasons racking up 98 episodes during that time. Plus, the series also earned its own Disney film based on the show.

Hannah Montana followed the life of Miley Stewart (Miley Cyrus), an ordinary teenager by day and international pop sensation Hannah Montana by night. The series was extremely successful and profitable for the Disney brand and also helped launched Miley Cyrus’s singing career.

3 That’s So Raven – 100 Episodes

Original cast of That's So Raven

That’s So Raven premiered on Disney Channel in 2003 and stayed on the air until November 2007 where it did the impossible and hit the 100 episode mark. The series was highly successful and is credited for being the first Disney Channel series to earn more than 3 million views.

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That’s So Raven stars Raven-Symone as Raven Baxter, a young teenager who just so happens to be able to see into the future. Though she tries to use her visions for good, they often end up getting her and her friends into trouble.

2 Wizards Of Waverly Place – 106 Episodes

Original cast of Wizards Of Waverly Place

Though Hannah Montana might get the credit for being one of the greatest Disney Channel shows of the 2000s, Wizards of Waverly Place actually aired longer and earned more episodes. The series premiered in October 2007 and wrapped in January 2012 with a total of 106 episodes and a DCOM.

Wizards of Waverly Place centered on the Russo family’s three children who happen to have inherited magical powers from their father. With their dad’s help, the siblings must learn how to manage their magical powers in order to be prepared for the day when they will one day compete to see which sibling gets to keep the powers into adulthood.

1 Phineas and Ferb – 222 Episodes

Phineas and Ferb sitting under a tree with Perry the Platapus

Phineas and Ferb made their Disney Channel debut in August 2007 and managed to stay on the air until June 2015 racking up a total of 222 episodes during its historic run. Despite not being on air anymore, the series continues to be popular with a brand new Phineas and Ferb film premiering on Disney+ in 2020.

The series centers on stepbrothers Phineas and Ferb who are determined to have the best summer vacation ever. With the help of their friends, the two go on wild adventures while their older sister Candance tries to rat them out.

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