What The Ocean Planet In Season 2, Episode 3 Is (Not Ackbar’s)


The Mandalorian once again introduced viewers to a brand new planet within the Star Wars universe, but it’s not the home of Admiral Ackbar.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for The Mandalorian season 2, episode 3, “The Heiress”.

The Mandalorian once again introduced viewers to a brand new planet within the Star Wars universe. The Mandalorian season 2, episode 3, “Chapter 11: The Heiress” focused on Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) as he followed through with delivering Frog Lady (Misty Rosas) to her husband on a distant planet in exchange for intel on the existence of fellow Mandalorians. In doing so, Din managed to land the badly damaged ship in a world inhabited by notable species like Mon Calamari and the Quarren. As mentioned in the previous episode when Din agreed to the mission, the setting of “The Heiress” was an estuary moon named Trask.

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Despite the extensive damage that the Razor Crest sustained while on the ice planet of Maldo Kreis, Din successfully powered the ship to the intended location. Frog Lady finally reunited with her husband before Din took the Child to a nearby inn where he met a Quarren that agreed to lead him to other Mandalorians. While sailing by boat, the crew of Quarren unveiled their plan of feeding the Child to a sea monster as they tried to trap Din in order to steal his beskar armor. Din and the Child were then saved by a trio of Mandalorians led by Bo-Katan Kryze (Katee Sackhoff). After being turned off by the fact that they follow a different Mandalorian code, Din assisted the group in a special mission for Bo-Katan’s information regarding a Jedi.

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Based on the details presented in the episode, it seemed like The Mandalorian was setting up an appearance by the oceanic planet of Mon Cala. The planet, which was featured in Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels, was notably described as the native home to Mon Calamari and the Quarren in canon, including characters like Admiral Gial Ackbar. Considering “The Heiress” took place in an oceanic environment inhabited by two notable species, The Mandalorian could have easily used Mon Cala as the location in focus. Instead, the Disney+ series made an effort to further expand the fictional world by debuting Trask.

The Mandalorian Marked The First Appearance Of Trask


Trask is the estuary moon in the same star system as the gas giant planet known as Kol Iben. It was stated that the Frog Lady wanted to take her spawn to the location because her husband viewed it as the only habitable environment for their species. When Din arrived with the Child and his passenger, Trask was revealed to consist of a large body of water as well as a bustling shipping port. While Mon Calamari and Quarrens were the primary species working in the harbor, it was revealed by Bo-Katan that Trask served as a black-market port for others to sell stolen goods. It was also the location of an Imperial freighter transporting equipment and weapons that Bo-Katan had her eyes on.

The introduction of Trask is another example of Disney’s push for worldbuilding now that they are in control of the Star Wars franchise. Rather than strictly incorporate established planets and locations, Disney’s approach focuses on brand new settings as a way to explore deeper corners of the galaxy. In doing so, viewers are reminded about just how massive the fictional universe truly is. It also allows for insurmountable story possibilities for not just The Mandalorian, but also other Star Wars projects for the future.

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