What We Know About Brendan Morais’ Former Marriage & Divorce


The Bachelorette contestant Brendan Morais connects with Tayshia Adams over their shared experiences with marriage and divorce on one-on-one date.

Tayshia Adams stepped out of the limo on this week’s episode of The Bachelorette and stunned the remaining contestants with her beauty and charm. Among the contestants left after being dumped by Clare Crawley was Brendan Morais. Although he wasn’t the first to pull her aside, Brendan got the most screen time with the new lead. Brendan received the first one-on-one date card, which resulted in a “magical date,” according to Tayshia.

During the date Tayshia and Brendan rode horses around the resort, with Chris Harrison sprinting around to offer them food and drink as though they were on the streets of a foreign town. After, the two took a swim in one of the pools. It was later that night the two were able to truly have a meaningful and deep conversation about more than just the activities they participated in. Over dinner, Brendan confessed he had been divorced, similar to Tayshia.

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Brendan revealed he was married to his high school sweetheart in his early 20s. “Our families had been close since elementary school,” Brendan explained to Tayshia. He said he and his ex-wife had simply fallen out of love with one another; there was no cheating, abuse, or addiction. However, one of the contributing factors was that his ex-wife didn’t want children. Brendan explained the situation was hard for him to accept. He didn’t know who he was without his ex-wife for a long time and he had a rough time grasping the failure. Although not much is known about Brendan’s marriage and ultimate divorce, Parade discovered some information from Reality Steve and YouTube.

Brendan Morias Clare Tayshia Adams: ABC: The Bachelorette


Spoilers ahead: Reality Steve speculated the divorce led to Brendan voluntarily existing Tayshia’s season. He claims the divorce was just finalized about one year before his appearance on the show. “Apparently that played a big role in why he left,” Reality Steve explained. Although no one can be certain who Brendan’s wife is, a YouTube video from 2013 was discovered that described a woman as his wife. The video, which featured a contestant on The Voice, Sam Alves, had the description: “Sitting next to me is my cousin Simone Morais who was at the taping of my Blind audition. Her husband Brendan Morais is right next to her.” The guy in the video does look very similar to Brendan, so it’s possible Simone Morais was his wife.

With this information, it appears the two were married for at least six years. If he was married that long and just finalized his divorce one year ago, it makes sense he wouldn’t be ready. If so, hopefully Brendan can find love elsewhere and Tayshia can find the guy of her dreams among the old and new contestants.

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Source: Parade

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