Why Cheryl Burke is Commenting on Chrishell and Gleb Affair Rumors


When the rumors first emerged, they were pretty convincing. Any speculation about their romance is completely gone now, there’s power in numbers.

After Cheryl Burke’s elimination on Monday, she commented on Chrishell Stause and Gleb Savchenko’s rumored affair. The Dancing with the Stars duo denied the allegations and Burke agreed with them. 

Two weeks ago, Chrishell and Gleb were eliminated from the Dancing with the Stars competition. Within the same week, Gleb announced his divorce from his wife, Elena Samodanova. After the break up announcement, Elena claimed that Savchenko recently cheated on her, alluding to Stause. “After 14 years of marriage and multiple affairs, I’ve decided enough is enough,” Samodanova said. “Gleb’s ongoing infidelity and a recent inappropriate relationship has created turmoil in our marriage and absolutely torn our family apart.” Stause sent out a heartfelt message about her DWTS counterpart’s split where she also denied the affair. In a more direct statement, a representative for Chrishell said, “Any insinuation or accusation that Chrishell is in any way involved in the dissolution of Gleb and Elena’s marriage is 100% categorically false. Chrishell and Gleb are in no way, and have never been in any way, romantically involved.” Shortly after, Gleb spoke out about the rumors too. “While I will continue to respect the privacy of my family, I will not stand by and allow false accusations and internet rumors go unaddressed. My relationship with Chrishell was and remains strictly platonic. Our friendship during our season on DWTS was not the reason for our split,” Savchenko said. 

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According to People, Cheryl has a podcast called Pretty Messed Up. After her elimination on Monday, she discussed the “elephant in the room” with her DWTS celeb partner, A.J. McLean, on an episode. “Just because they dry hump on TV doesn’t mean it’s real,” Burke said. “This is the whole thing. When you’re in this world of Hollywood, you do reality shows and this stuff does happen.” During the 29th season of Dancing with the Stars, Chrishell and Gleb were known for their sultry, steamy dances. In their final performance before elimination, the duo used a bed as a prop furthering speculation. “When you see a s** scene in a movie, do you think they’re actually really having s**?” Cheryl added quizzically.


The professional dancer admitted that she can’t know for sure if anything is happening between Stause and Savchenko. “S*** happens, but I’m not saying anything has happened with them,” Burke stated. She also shared that it “can’t be easy” for Gleb and his now ex-wife, Elena, to go through their divorce publicly. “Right now, it’s just a big deal because Gleb and his wife are separating. I had known them both for a while; they’re both in the competitive dance world scene,” Cheryl commented. “I’ve known his wife as well and their beautiful kids and I send my love to Gleb and his family.

When the rumors of Chrishell and Gleb’s affair first emerged, they were pretty convincing. Their performances on stage is one thing, but it was reported that they were flirty backstage too. Plus, the Selling Sunset star was newly single when she began the Dancing with the Stars competition. However, any speculation about their romance is completely gone now because there’s power in numbers. Chrishell and Gleb denied the affair and now Cheryl has too. Burke’s opinion is obviously the most objective which is probably why she felt the need to speak out about it. It appears as though Elena made a nasty jab at her ex-husband because she was understandably emotional about their divorce. It’s unfortunate that others had to be dragged into their split. 

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