Why Tayshia Adams Almost Turned Down Being The Bachelorette


Tayshia Adams nearly turned down the opportunity to replace Clare Crawley as The Bachelorette. Instead she took some time to think about her decision.

When Tayshia Adams was initially asked to replace Clare Crawley as The Bachelorette, she nearly passed on the opportunity.

Tayshia began her journey as The Bachelorette this week, meeting Clare’s guys for the very first time. Additionally, four other men joined the group, bringing her total number of suitors up to 20. Now Tayshia is about to embark on her journey to finding her one true love.

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In an interview with Rachel Lindsay and Becca Kufrin on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, the reality star revealed that she did not immediately agree to becoming Clare’s replacement. “In a perfect Bachelor world according to them, it would have been I would be in the car an hour after my conversation with them…but I actually said I needed to think about it,” Tayshia admitted to the hosts. “I need to talk to my parents and I need to take a minute, just because the way I was entering The Bachelorette space was very unconventional.” The 30-year-old was taking on more than previous leads as she was a replacement for someone who had just held that title, Us Weekly reported. She felt more pressure in a sense compared to previous Bachelorettes. All these thoughts had Tayshia wondering if taking this on was the right decision for her. Once she finally decided in just 48 hours Tayshia was at the La Quinta Resort & Club in Palm Springs, California ready to start her journey.

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Before Clare was even cast as the lead, Tayshia was already in the running as the potential lead. Once it was confirmed that Clare was cast as The Bachelorette, Tayshia told producers that if they ever wanted her on another Bachelor show they would have to ask her in person and not over a phone call. Tayshia revealed that while production is in talks with potential leads you “can’t really make plans” while waiting to hear the final decision. She admitted, “It kind of messed with me quite a bit, actually…I told them, ‘That’s not fair to me’… And next time you do it, you better come to my house and tell me in person.” Being a potential lead for the show means you have to put your life on hold until production makes the ultimate decision. The reality star was also worried Clare’s guys would bow out once Clare left and Tayshia was introduced. She was fearful she would not be their type and that they would only be interested in Clare. Tayshia of course had nothing to worry about, as most of the guys were more than excited when they saw her walk into the room.

Not only are fans happy about Tayshia taking on the role as Bachelorette, the remaining guys on the season were, too. If Tayshia never agreed to becoming the replacement, the season probably would have crashed and burned. Now fans can watch Tayshia find the man of her dreams.

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Sources: Us Weekly

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