10 Worst Marv & Harry Injuries, Ranked


The much-loved 1990 and 1992 Home Alone films stood the test of time and continue to be a Christmas movie tradition. Viewers came to anticipate the mischief, action, comedy, and heartwarming moments of the Christmas films as they watched a young Kevin McCallister outsmart Marv and Harry, two not-so-bright, albeit determined, burglars.

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Marv and Harry bounced back injury after injury, making serious life-threatening slips, hits, and burns appear as though they were simply brief painful inconveniences as opposed to incapacitating or deadly injuries.

10 A Crowbar To The Chest

marv harry crowbar spider


Ah, yes, the tarantula and the crowbar, also known as the tiem when Marv thought a crowbar was the best way to kill a spider on his partner’s soft stomach. Marv was inches away from Kevin when Buzz’s escaped tarantula made an appearance and saved the day.

Marv got rid of the spider on his face, only for it to land on Harry. Marv held a crowbar, while Harry looked at his partner with confusion and fear. Although it was only one whack, it was a pretty hard blow to Harry’s insides, possibly resulting in internal bleeding and broken ribs.

9 Knocked-Out With A Shovel

marley shovel whack

By the end of the first Home Alone film, Marv and Harry’s minds and bodies have gone through a lot of trauma. They survived multiple falls, an iron to the face, a nail in the foot, a branding from a door handle, paint buckets to the face, a crowbar to the chest, stepping on sharp Christmas ornaments, and other humiliating injuries.

So, really, in the end, what’s a shovel to the head? Except, that’s just it, after all the prior injuries, the severity and damage the shovel caused became twofold.

8 Blowtorch To The Head & Burnt Hand

home alone harry burn

Home Alone gave Kevin McCallister a home base advantage. It was his home, and Marv and Harry were going to have a hard time breaking in. Kevin booby-trapped the inside of the house and all the entryways, one of which was the back door. Harry and Marv divided in an attempt to conquer and Harry took to the back door.

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He opened it only to trigger a blowtorch that flamed the top of his head for a good couple of seconds. Harry is also subjected to a heated doorknob, which he holds for some time, branding his palm with the letter “M.”

7 An Iron To The Face

iron to the face marv

When it came to setting traps, Kevin McCallister sure did get creative. When Marv tried to pull the cable to turn on the light in the basement, he actually pulled the precariously positioned iron from its mantle at the top of the laundry shoot.

Where was he standing? Right under it! Marv looked up to see a heavy iron hurtling toward him, striking him with such a force that no one would realistically be able to walk away.

6 Tumbling Tools

harry marv tools

While Marv was subject to a falling iron in the first Home Alone, Harry was the victim of a whole toolkit in Home Alone 2: Lost In New York. As well as having a toolkit full of spanners and wrenches fall on his head, Harry also found himself slammed into the wall by a tool chest after it fell down the stairs and unhinged the door he and Marv were standing behind.

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The two of them were miraculously okay except for some temporarily-wonky noses. To add to the tool-related injuries, Marv and Harry were also whacked by a swinging iron bar, which then proceeded to fall down the stairs and land on their fallen bodies.

5 Landing On A Car From A Height

harry car smash

While Marv and Harry rob the toy store in Home Alone 2, they are caught on camera by Kevin. Kevin threw a rock with a message through the store’s front window, shattering the glass and setting off the alarm.

Marv and Harry scurry to follow him and get rid of the photographic evidence. Harry exits first and lands on a seesaw plank, only for Marv to land on the other side and send him flying into the air. Harry lands on a car, smashing the roof and windows.

4 Falling From A Height From A Burning Rope

marv harry varnish

As Kevin goads Marv and Harry, he looks up at the two criminals, who are now standing on the roof, and says “nice night for a neck injury.” He wasn’t wrong about the severity of the fall that was to come. The rope Harry and Marv use to climb down toward Kevin is soaked in kerosene. Kevin lights the rope as they are coming down, and the two fall down through some wooden planks and land on concrete. While they lie on their backs, they look up to see buckets of varnish falling toward them.

3 Blowtorch To The Head: Take 2

harry blowtorch

Harry can’t catch a break when it comes to his head and open flames. In Home Alone 2: Lost In New York, Harry once again finds himself the victim of a blowtorch, but this time, his grilled head finds no salvation in the snow.

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Instead, Harry rushes to a toilet, where he does an impressive handstand maneuver and places his head in the toilet bowl. But, instead of water, there’s kerosene, and, instead of a soothing balm to his head, there’s an explosion.

2 Electrocution

Oh, Marv, Home Alone 2: Lost In New York managed to provide even more trauma and injury than the first film. After sliding into shelves stocked with filled paint cans, Marv tries to clean himself up by going to the sink.

Unfortunately for him, Kevin, the mastermind himself, is there to provide the next level of defense. He turns on the arc welder rigged to the taps and increases the voltage as Marv is being electrocuted.

1 Bricks To The Head

bricks to the head

After Harry attempted and failed to trick Kevin into giving him a camera with damning evidence on it, Kevin struck back. Unfortunately for Marv, the evening wasn’t going to start pleasantly. Kevin stood on the roof of his uncle’s abandoned and semi renovated building and used his height advantage to cause some serious damage. Marv took four bricks to the head in under two minutes—four bricks thrown with purpose and force from a substantial distance.

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