Best Apple Gifts To Give During The Holidays


Apple products can make great gifts for students, professionals, and, indeed, the whole family. The question is, what do you get, and for who?

When shopping for the holidays, Apple devices are usually welcome and make really nice gifts. Apple began as a computer manufacturer but has since expanded into phones, tablets, watches, speakers, earbuds, and related digital services. Throughout its journey, it has maintained an incredible degree of loyalty from its customers. Great design, solid reliability, and the ongoing assurance that Apple looks out for customer privacy and security make its devices stand out from the crowd.

Apple made its first complete personal computer, called the Apple II in 1977. It was unique in having a color display. Competitors Tandy and Commodore launched personal computers with built-in black and white monitors. There was an Apple I, which was only a computer motherboard, so it was directed at electronics hobbyists, not the average consumer. This was the dawn of the age of the personal computer and Apple was there from the start. It went on to release the first consumer-oriented computer with a graphical interface and mouse, the Macintosh.

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In this gift guide, a Mac computer is featured as the top pick. The Mac is well-loved but has always struggled against lower-priced competitors, however, it is growing in popularity again. With the announcement that the latest computers will be powered by a new type of processor that competes with Intel and AMD, the future of the Mac is bright. Of course, Apple just released the new iPhone 12 in three sizes and four models, while a new member was also added to the HomePod family.

M1 MacBook Laptops

Apple 13-inch MacBook Pro


Some of the most exciting new products Apple has launched recently, in a year full of big advances, are the 13-inch MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro. These new laptops include a new type of processor called the M1 that allows much longer battery life while delivering big performance gains over the previous generation. A new MacBook would be a fantastic gift for both students, professionals, and really anyone that needs a new computer. The MacBook Air starts at $999 and the MacBook Pro at $1299.

Buy Apple MacBook

iPhone 12 series

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Gold Over fire

The iPhone 12 brought a big design change, with flat edges, as well as better performance and an upgraded main camera. The iPhone has recovered its place among the best smartphone photography tools this year. In addition to improved low-light photos with less noise, it can now shoot Dolby Vision video, which is the color system used in cinema. The iPhone now has a model with a tiny 5.4-inch screen, called the iPhone 12 mini for $699. There’s a larger 6.1-inch model that offers the same two-camera array for $799. For those looking for a zoom option, the 6.1-inch iPhone 12 Pro adds a third camera as well as a LiDAR 3D scanner for $999. The largest iPhone ever is the 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max. It differs from the three smaller models by including a main camera that offers much better low-light photos and better video stabilization. It costs just $100 more, starting at $1099. Given the significant upgrade over the 6.1 iPhone 12 Pro camera, this is the best to get if it isn’t too large. It’s worth taking a moment and considering the gift recipient’s hand size.

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HomePod mini

The HomePod mini is the latest smart speaker from Apple. It is a great choice as a family gift as everyone can use it for quick answers about the weather, fact-checking, and, of course, playing music or podcasts. The HomePod mini has great sound in a small package and is fuss-free. It can be placed anywhere in a room and it intelligently adjusts its sound output to provide nice balanced audio throughout. Early reviews note there is no distortion even at high volumes. It offers the best value if there are already some other Apple devices in a household due to the tight integration of Apple products. However, the $99 HomePod mini can also be used directly, without an iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

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Holiday gift planning is a little easier when shopping with Apple, since their products have such wide appeal. A smart device provides a long-lasting experience and the gift will be remembered every time it’s used. Besides the products highlighted above, Apple makes nice wireless earbuds called AirPods and their tablets are recognized as the best. Everyone would love an iPad.

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