Bugsnax: How To Find (& Catch) a Scoopy Banoopy


Bugsnax players will need to catch a Scoopy Banoopy in order to progress the Grampus Gigglefunny’s sidequests, and here’s how to get one.

While there are 100 different Bugsnax for players to collect on Snaktooth Island, only a handful are necessary to catch to progress the story or complete sidequests. The Scoopy Banoopy is one such creature that must be caught in order to complete Bugsnax’s side storylines. This banana sundae Bugsnax can only be found in one place and requires a special series of steps in order for a player to catch one.

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The Scoopy Banoopy is also one of the Bugsnax that can break apart into multiple different Bugsnax. It can be caught as the Scoopy Banoopy, or it can break into the Cherri, Banopper, and Scoopy. While all four need to be caught to complete the Bugsnax journal, only the Scoopy Banoopy is required to progress the Grumpus Grambus Gigglefunny sidequest. This guide will cover how to find and the Scoopy Banoopy.

Find & Catch The Scoopy Banoopy In Bugsnax

bugsnax scoopy banoopy


The Scoopy Banoopy is an aggressive frozen Bugsnax that can be found on the snowy mountaintops of Frosted Peak. This is one of the last locations players will unlock by progressing the storyline and is also where players will find Eggabell. There is only one Scoopy Banoopy on Frosted Peak, and it travels in a circular path near the entrance of the area. As a frozen Bugsnax, players will need to thaw him out before he can catch him. Players will also need to set up a trap before they thaw it out as the Scoopy Banoopy takes multiple steps to catch it.

Scoopy Banoopy is an aggressive Bugsnax so it will follow the player in an attempt to attack them. Players will need to lead Scoopy Banoopy to one of the two campfires on the mountain so that it gets close enough to thaw out. A countdown timer will appear over its head which indicated when the Scoopy Banoopy will blow up and separate into three Bugsnax. Players will need to use the Trip Shot trap and lead the Scoopy Banoopy into the trap before the timer runs out. This will knock out the Scoopy Banoopy allowing the player to run up to the Bugsnax and capture it. If the Scoopy Banoopy explodes, all the player needs to do is reload the area and try again. This can be done by sleeping or reentering the area.

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Bugsnax is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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