Demon’s Souls Hidden Door Discovered, But No One Knows How To Open It


A hidden door found behind an illusory wall in the Demon’s Souls remake has players baffled, since no one has found a way to unlock it.

The PlayStation 5-exclusive remake of Demon’s Souls has been released, and diehard fans of the Dark Souls series are already jumping in headfirst to reexperience genesis. But even though the remake is meant to be as direct a translation from the original as possible, players are already finding little additions that are new to the game, including a locked door hidden behind an illusory wall that no one so far seems to be able to open.

It isn’t the first time that Demon’s Souls featured a mysterious doorway with no way to get past it (the Sixth Archstone springs immediately to mind). But the fact that this door responds, albeit in a small way, to interaction does seem to suggest that unlike the 6th Archstone, there may actually be something behind it that will be unlocked in the future. Although illusory walls commonly hide items or enemies, this seems to be the first to hide totally unknown content.

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The original tweet from Twitter user and Soulsborne content creator VaatiVidya features a gameplay video of the door in question, near the tower where Yuria is kept, where a dead end behind a pile of rubbish is revealed to be an infamous illusory wall with the door just beyond it. The closest anyone has come to ascertaining what lies beyond the door so far is Redditor Cosmic-Vagabond, who posted a photo they managed to snag by using the game’s camera and photo mode. But all the picture reveals is an item floating above the corpse of a knight on a secluded terrace, and little else. Players have exhausted all available options so far in unlocking the door, but nothing seems to be working, which is beginning to fuel speculation that the location might open up in a future expansion or DLC.

Because the remake was meant to be as faithful to the original as possible, it’s unlikely that the item behind the door is anything that already existed in the original and would’ve had to be moved. Additionally, the remake was already confirmed to contain new items, which means it’s likely something no one has seen before.. Considering the remake only dropped two days ago, it’s also entirely likely that there is already a way to open the door, but no one has had the chance to find it yet. As far as the item is concerned, it’s possibly rare upgrade material, like players of the original will remember from the Shrine of Storms, where they could kill a skeleton behind an illusory wall for a chance to pick up a pure bladestone. But if the only way through the door is to be found in future expansions, even a bladestone seems like a rather disappointing treasure.

So the door, for the moment, is bound to remain a mystery. But there’s still solace in knowing that there actually is something behind the door in this case, and not just speculation that will forever go unanswered.

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Demon’s Souls is available now on PS5.

Source: VaatiVidya, Cosmic-Vagabond

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