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Bravo’s latest Real Housewives show, RHOSLC, has a great cast. But while some of these reality stars are super smart, others make offensive comments.

When a new city in the popular The Real Housewives franchise is announced, it’s incredibly exciting as there seems to be a few years between each new setting. The ladies of New York, Beverly Hills, Orange County, Atlanta, and Dallas have provided tons of great drama over the years, but there have been some disappointments, as Miami and Washington didn’t last very long.

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There are many entries in the Bravo franchise that people love and RHOC and RHOBH are fan favorites. With just one episode so far, fans are already loving RHOSLC and think that it’s the perfect new addition. When comparing the six cast members, who is the most intelligent and who made a thoughtless comment that deeply offended many viewers?

6 Jen Shah



Jen Shah will never be a housewife that people forget about, as she makes her mark in the premiere. She is fabulously dressed all the time and seems to have a good head on her shoulders… mostly.

In terms of intelligence, though, Jen makes a statement that a lot of viewers are taking issue with. She talks about getting AIDS from kissing and tells her son that this could happen to him. This is not only factually incorrect but was painful and offensive for a lot of people to hear. It’s hard for fans to get beyond this ignorant, problematic comment.

5 Whitney Rose

whitney rose RHOSLC

When it comes to the intelligence of cast members on this new entry in the popular Bravo franchise, Whitney Rose seems like an incredibly sweet person, but she doesn’t share much else in the premiere.

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Whitney is a bit of a rebel and that makes her tough, as the Mormon Church forced her to leave along with her husband Justin. They had an affair at work when they were both already married. Whitney has a skincare line, which is awesome and proves that she is smart since that starting a business isn’t for the faint of heart. But fans will have to get to know her more before seeing how smart she really is.

4 Heather Gay

heather gay RHOSLC

With her dedication to Botox, it’s no wonder that Heather Gay has her own cosmetic surgery business, Beauty Lab + Laser.

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While Heather is intelligent enough to run her own company and it seems to be doing really well, viewers haven’t seen much else from her on the show. She mostly talks about her ex-husband and how much money his family has, her love of perfection, and her place in the community in Utah. The fact that Heather seems open-minded is a good thing, as she makes that very clear in the premiere, but she doesn’t seem very intellectual.

3 Mary Cosby

It’s tough for people to move past Mary’s marriage as she became her step-grandfather’s wife after her grandmother passed away. Mary has been adamant that her grandma wanted that marriage to happen and that she feels “blessed” for everything that she has, including the church that her grandma gave her. She also mentions that they were never a “blood relation.”

Despite this tricky relationship, which understandably surprises people who hear about it for the first time, it’s definitely true that Mary is self-aware and she knows what people say about her. Emotional intelligence is a crucial thing, and Mary has it in spades. She can tell that she’s the talk of the town and she’s okay with it because she feels that she’s living her truth. Because Mary follows her heart, that makes her smart, no matter what anyone else says.

2 Lisa Barlow

Lisa Barlow The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Lisa Barlow seems like a really intelligent cast member on RHOSLC as she runs several businesses. She has tequila brands and owns Luxe marketing.

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Lisa is open about not being exactly what the Mormon faith would expect or want her to be, and she says that she’s fine with that. She is living what makes her happy and that includes having tequila brands.

When someone can separate what they want from what society wants, that’s definitely intelligence. Lisa says, “I’m sure other Mormons care that we own a tequila company — what’s important is that I don’t.” It will be great to see what other lines Lisa says throughout the course of the first season.

1 Meredith Marks

Meredith Marks RHOSLC

Meredith Marks is another successful cast member as she runs a jewelry business and a store in Park City.

Meredith seems like the most intelligent RHOSLC cast member as she left Chicago behind to start a new life in Utah, and she seems fearless when it comes to life, work, and following her dreams. In every Real Housewives city, there seems to be one person who is really not into drama and would normally shy away from it… if they weren’t on a reality show, of course. Meredith seems to be that person, which makes her really smart. Fans are interested to see how her personality fares in the coming episodes.

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