Everything To Know About Zac Clark’s Sober Living Facility


The Bachelorette’s recovery specialist Zac C. has a courageous past and runs an addiction treatment center that may help him win Tayshia’s final rose!

Although The Bachelorette‘s Clare Crawley was Zac Clark’s first hug in six months, he didn’t really get to earn her attention or rose on the show. But with Tayshia Adams coming into the picture, a lot of Clare’s ignored suitors suddenly are feeling the spotlight shine bright on them. One of them is the recovery specialist Zac C. who, if rumors are to be believed, goes a long way into Tayshia’s journey. But this The Bachelorette contestant also carries with him a past that’s equal parts inspiring and courageous. And Zac C.’s sober living facility called Release Recovery plays a huge part in this Haddonfield lad’s life.

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The Bachelor Nation is calling Zac, 36, the “dark horse” of Tayshia’s season for a reason. The man was a thing of mystery for many The Bachelorette viewers until the time he threw a quarter in a fountain to make a wish with Tayshia. And while the season 16 leading lady felt that it was Zac’s accent that makes him intriguing, it also is him being open about his road to recovery after putting his party days behind. The ABC star’s past includes an early addiction to alcohol as a teenager, which later evolved into him taking prescription drugs like Adderall, and after a brain tumor surgery, switching to ones like morphine and OxyContin. Zac was also married back then, voluntarily got his gall bladder removed to get more prescriptions, was arrested for possession of crack and driving while intoxicated. But The Bachelorette star soon spent four and a half months at a treatment facility which helped him get his life on track, enough to become a recovery specialist himself. Tayshia’s suitor soon started his own addiction treatment center in 2017 to promote a lifestyle for people in recovery.

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Zac’s Westchester, New York-based facility Release Recovery is a collaboration between The Bachelorette celeb and his co-founder Justin Gurland who he met seven years ago. Using their years of experience in the field, The Bachelorette front-runner and Gurland “made it their life’s work to share the gift of recovery with as many people as possible,” as per the website. The safe, supportive community provides 24/7 supervision in the first month of residency with volunteer work, recovery meetings, and group activities. An available “4-tier recovery program” comprising of foundation, formation, momentum, and release helps clients “learn to nurture their recoveries, gain the skills to pursue their ambitions, explore healthy and productive outlets for self-growth, and ultimately practice sustainable self-sufficiency.” Release Recovery has also built a transitional living community for women in New York on the Upper East Side and started a new Manhattan Men’s Program in 2020.

With a motto of “Give thanks. Live life. Release,” Zac C.’s facility also talks about being a “home base” and “safe space” for its clients even after they transition into independent living. “Recovery isn’t a punishment” states the website, while talking about how its team ensures the clients can also have fun in the process with activities like hiking, surfing, kayaking, and bowling. In 2014, The Bachelorette celeb himself had thanked a similar facility called Caron Treatment Centers in South Heidelberg Township for turning his life around, as reported by Reading Eagle.

As mentioned on Zac’s ABC bio, helping people reintegrate back into the world after rehab is “his life’s purpose” and he seems to be trying his best to serve it. The Bachelorette personality believes that life is short and one should make the most of it no matter the obstacles. That perhaps also explains why even though his stint on Clare’s session may have been overshadowed by Dale Moss, the speculations of Zac getting Tayshia’s final rose might just be turning true!

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The Bachelorette season 16 airs Tuesdays at 8pm EST on ABC.

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