Final Fantasy Remake 2 Theory: Vincent’s Important Role


Vincent Valentine will likely have a key role in FF7 Remake Part 2, versus the optional status he had in the original game. Here’s why he’s essential.

While fans eagerly wait for the next installment of Final Fantasy 7 Remakethey can only speculate as to how far into the story Part 2 will go and, more importantly, how much of it will change from the original Final Fantasy 7. One alteration that seems certain is the encounter with Vincent Valentine, a character who was an optional party member in the original game but is likely to be a mandatory asset in FF7 Remake Part 2.

Despite being optional, Vincent has since become a fan favorite in the Final Fantasy franchise. He can be found in the original FF7′s Shinra Mansion in Nibelheim, but he can be missed if the player doesn’t complete a puzzle that allows access to the crypt where he’s resting. Additionally, 2006’s Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII placed Vincent as the main character. Set three years after the events of FF7, this third-person shooter game gave the mysterious protagonist a lot more character development.

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Because the creators of the FF7 series have given Vincent so much more depth – not only in Dirge of Cerberus but in other FF7 spinoffs, like the Final Fantasy VII Advent Children film, prequel game Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII, and short story compilation On The Way To A Smile, all of which have tie-ins to FF7 Remake – it seems highly unlikely for them to let this character and his backstory go to waste.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2: Why Vincent Is So Important

FF7: Dirge of Cerberus Vincent Valentine


After leaving Midgar in the original FF7, the party travels to many locations before eventually ending up in Nibelheim – a location foreshadowed in FF7 Remake’s beginning, when Sephiroth is introduced in the fire scene. FF7 Remake Part 2 will likely follow suit, having the party venture first to the town of Kalm, then to other notable locales like Junon, Costa del Sol, Mt. Corel, the Gold Saucer, Cosmo Canyon, and eventually to Nibelheim. As much happens along this journey, it seems Nibelheim would be a good place to end FF7 Remake Part 2. Imitating FF7 Remake’s pattern with Red XIII (who was found near the end of the game and became a guest party member) seems like a logical way to implement Vincent in Part 2, to. It’s likely Red XIII will be an actual playable character in the second installment, as will Vincent in the next, given the important lore behind his character.

One of Vincent’s Limit Breaks, Chaos, is named after the powerful materia within him that he struggles to control. Chaos is a Semi-Weapon – created by the Planet along with its counterpart, Omega – which the Planet will call forth during a time of threat, just as it does with other Weapons. This information was given to Vincent by Lucretia Crescent, who was close to him and has a (spoiler-filled) relationship with Sephiroth in FF7. Chaos is an entity born of negative memories within a tainted form of the Lifestream. It acts according to Omega’s will, with its ultimate goal being to wipe out all life and be the harbinger of death, should the Lifestream become too stagnant with negative memories and emotions. This would eventually allow the rest of the planet’s non-tainted Lifestream to be gathered into a new planet by Omega, continuing the cycle of life.

It’s uncertain whether this knowledge will be revealed in upcoming FF7 Remake installments, as it wasn’t heavily focused on in the original FF7, due to Vincent being an optional character. But FF7 Remake has already shown deviations from the original, including the presence of the Whispers and certain encounters with Sephiroth. The fact that all this information has been presented throughout the lesser-known FF7 Compilation entries, though, could mean it will stay out of the main story, as it’s just lore that supplements but isn’t necessarily key to the events that actually unfold. What seems more sure is that Vincent’s role will be forced rather than optional, and the end of Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 would be an ideal time for him to emerge. If Part 2 uses the first installment’s formula, however, there’s no telling what kind of surprising twist could also happen during its finale.

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