Gambit Is The Secret Savior Of Marvel’s Zombie Apocalypse


In the finale issue of Marvel Zombies: Resurrection, the survivors led by Spider-Man found a way to destroy the horde, thanks to the powers of Gambit.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Marvel Zombies: Resurrection #4

In the finale issue of Marvel Zombies: Resurrectionthe majority of the heroes in the Marvel Universe have become infected, becoming part of the massive hive-mind based in the dying the corpse of Galactus, the World Devourer. However, there are a scant few who have survived, led by Spider-Man, and they’ve made the choice to face the zombie horde head on. The Richards’ children were determined to try and save their mother and father, but soon realize that it’s a lost cause. As a result. they shift their goals, resolved to destroy as many of the zombies as they can with some help from none other than the X-Man Gambit (even though it’s from beyond the grave).

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The group of remaining survivors consist of Spider-Man, Blade, the children of Reed and Sue Richards, a reprogrammed and doting Sentinel named Nana, Chewie the Flerken/Cat, and a recently rescued Wolverine. Since the beginning of the series from writer Phillip K. Johnson and artist Leonard Kirk, Franklin and Valeria Richards have wanted to try and save their parents from what they believed was a virus. Unfortunately, this particular horde of zombies did not come from any kind of earthly disease. Instead, it was the result of the alien race known as the Brood laying their eggs within Galactus’ body, which created an evolution of the species that was able to infect and assimilate so many into their hive mind. Upon discovering this, the Richards’ children had no choice but to take out as many of the horde as they possibly could, and Valeria had just the thing to get the job done.

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Marvel Zombies: Resurrection #4 finally shows fans the secret weapon Valeria had been working on throughout the series; a combination of technology and organic material that Val simply said used to belong to somebody quite dangerous. As the horde closes in from all sides, the other heroes give Val the time she needs to activate her new weapon, with her also revealing what the organic material is and who it once belonged to.


Valeria has been carrying around the preserved hand of Gambit, and she was able to construct a device that allows her to make use of the former X-Man’s powers, which are apparently perfect for a zombie apocalypse. In life, Gambit’s X-Gene granted him the ability to convert the potential energy of an inanimate object into kinetic energy, with explosive results. Most often, Remy would make use of his power by charging and throwing playing cards at his foes, but Valeria had a much bigger inanimate object in mind: Galactus’ corpse.

Naturally, the resulting explosion is more than enough to obliterate the horde from the face of the Earth, and Franklin Richards is able to teleport everyone away from the blast using Magik’s Soulsword. Even though he was presumably dead, Gambit still got to save the day with his powers, which is pretty dang cool for fans of the Cajun hero, especially with the confirmation here that his powers work on zombies. However, it’s revealed that not all of the evolved zombies from the Brood were destroyed in Marvel Zombies: Resurrection, so hopefully Val didn’t get rid of Gambit’s hand. She may need it in the near future.

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