Godfall: How to Play in Co-Op Mode with Friends


Godfall supports an online-only co-op of up to three players. Teammates will share loot equally, and enemies will pose more of a challenge.

Part of the fun of grinding in looter-slashers like Godfall is the ability to join a co-op and adventure with friends. Godfall is one of the most anticipated titles of the next generation of console gaming. Players take on the role of Orin, a powerful knight in a high-fantasy world. Orin has been injured in a betrayal by his own brother Macros and must regain his power and strength to confront Macros once again. Players will find, craft, and equip armor, called Valorplates, and master five weapons classes on their way to the final confrontation, Much of the game feels lonely in singleplayer, with Orin talking to a character called Seventh Sanctum, who possesses each Valorplate to give guidance along the way.

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If players want to take their friends on the adventure and work together, they can team up in a multiplayer co-op. Godfall supports multiplayer up to three individuals. Players will want to note that there is currently no offline or local split-screen multiplayer options, and support for crossplay has not yet been included either. With all that in mind, here’s how to play Godfall in multiplayer co-op.

How to Play Godfall with Friends

A screenshot of the PlayStation 5 and PC exclusive Godfall from Counterplay Games.


The co-op mode in Godfall will unlock following the tutorial mission through the Sunforge Temple. All players looking to join the co-op will need to have finished the tutorial to access co-op mode.

After the tutorial mission, players will find themselves in a glowing room with a blue pool in the center. Here, they will talk to Seventh Sanctum and get their first true mission of the game, and craft their first new Valorplate. While still in the room, the player can pull up the social tab in their inventory. On PC, this can be done by pressing I to open Inventory. On PlayStation 5, players will need to use the Options button.

In inventory, players should navigate to the Social tab and select Invite a Friend. Here, they can select anyone on their friends list to join the game.

Players can also interact with the blue pool in the center of the room, which also functions as the map. On the left side of the screen when the map opens, players can choose to Invite a Friend for the same result.

Enemies will change their behavior based on how many players are working together, which can add to the challenge of combat in Godfall. Found loot will also be split between all players in the co-op. There is currently no PvP mode, nor is there any official word from Gearbox as to whether that will be added in future updates.

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Godfall is available for PlayStation 5 and PC.

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