How Many Women Joey Dated Across All 10 Seasons


Joey was the most promiscuous character featured in Friends, but he managed to have a few serious relationships across the show’s ten-year run.

Across 10 seasons of Friends, Joey Tribbiani did the most dating, which shouldn’t come as a surprise to most loyal viewers. Matt LeBlanc portrayed the serial dater for the duration of the NBC sitcom’s decade-long run from 1994 to 2004. The actor then went on to reprise his role for the show’s first and only spinoff series, Joey, but it only lasted two seasons. LeBlanc, as well as the rest of the core cast, will soon come back together for a long-awaited reunion set for HBO Max.

Seeing as the figures in focus were in their early twenties when Friends began, the group’s respective love lives were a major aspect of the sitcom. Dating in NYC was a common element in the show’s storylines, and it was established early on that Joey was the womanizer among the friend group. His promiscuity throughout the show’s duration was a big identifiable character trait for the dim-natured figure. Joey’s tagline, “how you doin,” was also directly linked to his efforts in winning over potential dates. Ultimately, Joey’s actions worked because he was viewed as an absolute ladies’ man.

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Out of the six main characters, Joey was the only one who didn’t end up getting married. Monica and Chandler got married in season 7 whereas Phoebe wed Mike in Friends‘ final season. Though Ross and Rachel weren’t shown to get married on-screen, their union was confirmed in Joey. To break down the characters’ romantic journeys, a super fan calculated [via Reddit] just how many sexual partners appeared on the show. Joey, unsurprisingly, was said to have the most sexual partners, coming in at 51.5 across 10 seasons with confirmed partners were given a full point and potential partners given a half a point. While he was more likely to have one-night stands or short-lived dates, Joey did have at least five serious relationships in Friends.

Joey’s Most Serious Relationships In Friends



Joey had a few dates that he considered girlfriends, but they didn’t always last long. There was Angela, Melanie, Erin, and his short stint with Ursula, the twin sister of Phoebe. Aside from them, Joey made the effort to build a stronger relationship with a handful of women. In season 3, Joey dated a General Hospital actress named Kate before finding new potential with Kathy the following season. Unfortunately, she left him for Chandler, but Joey found new love after an attractive woman named Janine moved in as his new roommate in season 6. Then came Charlie, a colleague of Ross, that Joey fell for until he set his sights on one of his best friends.

Joey was revealed to have feelings for Rachel during Friends season 8. She ultimately turned him down until the proposal mishap. They eventually sorted out their relationship, deciding it was better to stay friends, but Joey continued to harbor romantic feelings. In Friends‘ final season, the pair decided to give a real relationship a chance before realizing it would never fully work. After relocating to Los Angeles as seen in Joey, LeBlanc’s character managed to find Alex, the first woman he considered marrying. It’s unclear if they ended up together, but it seemed like Joey was finally ready to settle down.

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