How To Transfer An Apple Watch From Old iPhone To iPhone 12


The release of the new Apple iPhone 12 phones means many users will need to transfer their Apple Watch from their old iPhone to their new one.

With Apple’s recent release of the new iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, many consumers are upgrading — and many will want to take an Apple Watch with them. Those iPhone owners who have enhanced their iPhone ownership with Apple’s smartwatch will need to transfer it from their old phone to the new one. This may seem daunting, but it’s actually a fairly simple process.

Some Apple Watch owners may have just purchased their first watch with the release of the Series 6 and SE just a few months back, while others may have upgraded. With all the new features of the new iPhones, though, Apple Watch-wearers won’t want to miss out on combining the awesome technology of both.

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To start transferring the Apple Watch, users will need their old and new iPhones to be connected to the WiFi and charged to at least 50 percent. The Apple Watch will also need to have at least 50 percent charge. To complete the transition, users will also need to know their Apple ID and password, as well as their Apple Watch passcode. Users that have both their new and old phones will first need to back up and unpair their watch before pairing it with the new one. To do so, the Apple Watch and old iPhone should both be updated to the latest iOS. This may take some time, so it’s advised to set aside plenty of time or even do so overnight before unpairing it.

How to Transfer Your Watch to Your New iPhone

An Apple Watch with an iPhone



Once both devices are updated, the Apple Watch should be backed up before unpairing. This can be done either using iCloud or the computer. If backing up with iCloud, users will need to go to Settings >  [Your Name] > iCloud and make sure that the Health app is turned on. Computer backups can be done by encrypting their backup to save the Health and Activity content related to the watch. Then, users will need to use their preferred method to back up their old iPhone, which will back up their Apple Watch.

After the old iPhone is backed up, it’s time to set up the new iPhone 12 and restore the data from the most recent backup — that is, the one performed in the previous step. The new iPhone will prompt users to use their Apple Watch, to which they will need to tap ‘Continue’. Users can also set up their Apple Watch manually by opening the Watch app on their phone and following the on-screen steps.

Users who do not have their old iPhone or are not able to use it can also pair their existing Apple Watch with their new iPhones. On their Watch, they will need to go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content. Tapping ‘Erase All’ will reset the device to its factory settings. Then, users will simply follow the steps to set up their new iPhone 12 as detailed above. If there is a backup available, the Apple Watch may be able to be restored. Otherwise, the watch will need to be set up like new on the new iPhone.

After completing these steps, the Apple Watch is ready for use. It will immediately begin sending data to your iPhone. In some cases, the past iCloud data may not automatically appear. However, after a few days, the data should show up in the Health and Activity app alongside the new data being sent from the Apple Watch.

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