Magneto Still Thinks He’s Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch’s Father


In the latest issue of Strange Academy, it’s revealed that Magneto still cares about Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, even if they aren’t his children.

Contains minor spoilers for Strange Academy #5.

In the latest issue of Marvel’s Strange Academy, Scarlet Witch‘s school email inbox is amusingly featured for readers to take a look at, but it doesn’t just feature her students submitting their homework. It also features some pretty intriguing details about Wanda Maximoff’s personal life, specifically when it comes to her family members. Not only does she have an email from her brother Pietro, also known as Quicksilver, but she also has one from Magneto, which is actually a big deal. A few years ago, it was revealed that Magneto is not actually Pietro and Wanda’s biological father, and that the twin brother and sister aren’t even mutants at all. Regardless, Magneto has sent Wanda an e-mail that shows his true feelings on the complexities of their relationship.

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During Marvel’s AXIS event, Scarlet Witch cast a spell that was supposed to affect others in her bloodline. However, while Quicksilver was affected by the spell, Magneto was not, revealing the truth that he was not actually their father. Eventually, Wanda and Pietro would learn that they weren’t mutants either; their power coming instead from the High Evolutionary, who experimented on them after taking them from Django and Marya Maximoff in their infancy. Seeing them as failures, the High Evolutionary returned the children to the Maximoffs and caused them to believe that they were mutants and that Magneto was their true father.

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Wanda later found out that not even Django and Marya were their true parents, and were actually their aunt and uncle. Their mother was Natalya Maximoff, the previous Scarlet Witch, who entrusted her children to her sister and husband and was later killed by Wanda and Pietro’s unknown biological father. This rather large retcon came not-so-coincidentally around the same time as Wanda and Pietro’s introduction into the MCU, where they weren’t mutants or the children of Magneto, since Fox also had the right to use the characters, as well as Marvel’s other mutant heroes.

Magneto with Quicksilver


Despite this complex web of parentage, it’s revealed in Strange Academy #5 from writer Skottie Young and artist Humberto Ramos that Magneto still cares for Wanda and Pietro. When Scarlet Witch’s inbox is shown, it’s apparent he’s sent Wanda an email with the header: “Quality Time” hoping to reconnect with the twins regardless of his lack of biological ties to Wanda and her brother.

In the body of the email, Magneto concedes that he knows that he’s not their “actual” father, but still wishes to catch up with the two heroes that had for all intents and purposes been his children for years (regardless of blood). However, it should be noted that for the better part of their relationship, Magneto was a vicious super-villain and the twins were members of the Avengers. To say that they’ve had tensions and dysfunction would be an understatement. And yet with the mutant nation of Krakoa forgiving many former villains, it seems like Magneto is wondering if his former kids may be open to playing happy families.

Ironically, Magneto’s recent redemption as a hero to mutantkind could be the best time for the three of them to connect and be a family. However, given the lack of any biological ties and their complex past with the Master of Magnetism, it seems unlikely that either of the siblings will pursue Magneto’s offer of “quality time”. In any case, it’s nice to see that Magneto does in indeed care for the heroes, regardless of the truth about Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver.

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