The 5 Tallest (& 5 Shortest) Actors In The Cast


Considering The Boys is all about a world where superheroes walk among us, it’s expected that some of the actors donning their capes and cowls would be super-sized. Some of them certainly tower over mere mortals, but some of their stature comes from the confidence and personality they exude rather than their height.

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The hit Amazon series has wrapped its second season, with another soon to begin production, and characters have come and gone as Hughie, Butcher, and The Boys have taken on The Seven and Vought International. Because it focuses on a look behind-the-scenes of superhero lives, as well as the marketing and publicity associated with augmenting their popularity, it’s fascinating to see how much height has to do with their success (or how much they cheat to make it appear that way). When it comes to the height of actors on the series, being short or tall is a matter of good PR!

10 Tallest: Anthony Starr (Homelander) 5’11”

The Boys Homelander son Ryan


Standing at a respectable 5’11”, Anthony Starr uses his height to his advantage as Homelander but knows that having an inch or two on his costars isn’t the only thing that’s intimidating about him. Starr infuses the leader of The Seven with a subversive menace, making him one diabolical supe even when he’s smiling for a photo op.

Many pieces of promotional material for The Boys show Homelander as the tallest member of The Seven, which isn’t true. However, when considered from the perspective that the promotional material is being funneled through Vought’s marketing team, it makes perfect sense that Homelander would demand to be shown as the most physically imposing member of the group.

9 Shortest: Giancarlo Esposito (Stan Edgar) 5’7.5″

Giancarlo Esposito as Stan Edgar in The Boys

At 5’7.5″ the CEO of Vought International is rarely the tallest man in the room, but he never displays insecurity, preferring instead to convey an unflappable equipoise that makes him seem taller than he really is. Even being cornered by Homelander isn’t enough to rattle Stan Edgar, who knows there’s as much power in his position as Homelander’s punch.

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Even with Vought International facing the continuous scandal around Compound V, and Homelander’s behavior getting increasingly more erratic, Stan Edgar keeps putting one well-polished wingtip forward.

8 Tallest: Jessie T Usher (A-Train) 6′.5″

A-Train Jessie Usher in The Boys Season 2 Finale

Despite his ability to sprint distances in time frames inconceivable to the average person, A-Train isn’t a compact superhero. At 6′.5″, he’s technically the second tallest member of The Seven below Black Noir. Could that be just one of the many reasons Homelander has been suspicious of him rejoining the team?

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A-Train’s superhuman speed doesn’t depend on his height, but taller people are more prone to heart problems. Unfortunately, A-Train’s heart condition comes from using too much Compound V to boost his abilities and remain relevant.

7 Shortest: Erin Moriarty (Starlight) 5’6″

Starlight showing off her electrokinetic powers in The Boys

Starlight stands at 5’6″, and was the shortest member of The Seven until Stormfront came along, though it might have been hard to tell between her platform boots and her big hair. The Vought marketing team makes sure that Starlight comes off as impressive as the rest of her teammates despite being the rookie.

Not being physically imposing allows Starlight to discard her superhero duds and blend in with the public, often assisting The Boys unnoticed. When she wants to, she can look like anybody else, which has made it harder for Vought to track her movements. Luckily, her incredible superpowers don’t depend on a height advantage.

6 Tallest: Nathan Mitchell (Black Noir) 6’2″

Tall, dark, and silent, Black Noir is the most mysterious of The Seven. Throughout two seasons, the only thing fans have gleaned about him is that he has a tree nut allergy. Everything else about Black Noir is shrouded in darkness, which is exactly the aura he likes to project.

While one of his greatest abilities involves stealth, for someone who can infiltrate anything without a trace, he’s a large target when he’s in full view. Standing 6’2″, he’s taller than Homelander and technically the tallest member of The Seven.

5 Shortest: Elizabeth Shue (Madelyn Stillwell) 5’3″

Often considered the corporate “face” representing Vought, Madelyn Stillwell was responsible for herding the divergent personalities of The Seven, placating Homelander (who had a nasty habit of thinking he was the only member of The Seven who counted), and operating as the primary villain in Season 1.

Despite only standing 5’3″, Madelyn Stillwell knew how to work a room. Whether it was the board room at Vought Tower, or a room full of Congresspeople discussing the merits of bringing supes into America’s military, Madelyn didn’t let her height get in the way of her getting what she wanted.

4 Tallest: Karl Urban (Billy Butcher) 6′.5″

Karl Urban as Billy Butcher in The Boys Butcher Baker Candlestickmaker

Not only does he have a reputation for being churlish and unfriendly, Billy Butcher has the commanding height to back up his surly attitude. At 6′.5″, he towers over Frenchie and even Mother’s Milk, and his height allows him to command the respect of the team.

Billy even stands taller than Homelander by a few inches, a small win that probably brings him some solace when he considers everything else that Homelander tried to take from him; his wife, his son, and his reputation. Though there’s some debate whether or not Billy isn’t just as bad as his arch-nemesis, he’s certainly got him beat on height.

3 Shortest: Stormfront (Aya Cash) 5’1″

The Boys: Why Homelander & Stormfront's Romance Is Doomed main image

Stormfront comes in a small package but spells big trouble. Though actress Aya Cash is only 5’1″, she manages to seem infinitely more commanding than her height would suggest. The former-Nazi turned American nationalist became a member of The Seven in Season 2, after Translucent’s untimely demise.

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Hughie and The Boys, like many people who base their opinion of Stormfront on appearance underestimated her power. With incredible electricity-based abilities that outclass Starlight’s, she’s one of the most dangerous members of The Seven despite her diminutive stature.

2 Tallest: Jack Quaid (Hughie) 6’1″

While Hughie might seem like a middling techie with no hard skills, over two seasons he’s grown into his own and proved to be a vital member of the team. Standing 6’1″, he’s the tallest member of The Boys, including Butcher who likes to boss him around every chance he gets.

Next to his on-again-off-again girlfriend Annie (AKA Starlight), the pair strike an unusual silhouette with their noticeable height difference. Hughie’s height doesn’t prove that advantageous in the series, as he’s often unsure of his footing, and not known for being particularly athletic.

1 Shortest: Kimiko (Karen Fukuhura) 5’1″

Just as Black Noir is to The Seven, so is Kimiko to The Boys, a mysterious young woman with incredible powers. Over the two seasons, the team has been able to tease out her story and learned that she was turned into an unstoppable killing machine by the Shining Light Liberation Army back in Japan.

Though she’s only 5’1″, and the smallest member of The Boys, she’s the most capable when it comes to a fight. She’s taken on every major hitter in The Seven, including Black Noir, and helped bring about the destruction of Stormfront.

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