Why A Wi-Fi Mesh System Is A Great Gift For The Whole Family


Wi-Fi mesh systems may not sound like the most exciting gifts to give, but they’ll keep everyone happy by ensuring strong streaming speeds everywhere.

People might think that, as technology gifts go, a Wi-Fi mesh system is not a good one. They might think that it’s a boring idea, that it doesn’t do much and that, frankly, it isn’t fun, but they’d be wrong on all these counts. What’s more, a Wi-Fi mesh system is not just a great gift for a tech enthusiast, but a great gift for a whole family.

First, for those not familiar with the concept, let’s deal with the crucial question: what is a Wi-Fi mesh system? In short, whereas a typical router system provides connectivity from only one point, a mesh system uses a router and a number of satellite nodes to provide multiple points of connectivity and blanket the home in sweet, sweet Wi-Fi. As someone moves around their home, their devices will remain on the same network but will connect via the different Wi-Fi points depending on which will provide the strongest signal.

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The main benefits of this are that a user’s Wi-Fi network will be more consistently strong throughout the home and that it is possible to eliminate the dead spots that are created by walls and floors. The range of a router, after all, is not unlimited, and it is further depleted by barriers between it and devices trying to connect. Network stability is another benefit of mesh networks, with any temporary issues affecting the signal strength of one node able to be compensated for by the others.

What Wi-Fi Mesh Means For The Family


Anyone who has battled Wi-Fi problems with their family like congestion of the network, weak spots around the home, or wobbly signal strength will recognize the value a mesh network could offer them. Mum and dad can be watching Netflix in 4K downstairs and the kids can be streaming music and playing games upstairs with everyone able to do so with the best possible Wi-Fi strength and no buffering frustration as a result of the other traffic. Indeed, in this way, mesh networks can help you to squeeze the most out of your Wi-Fi speed. It should be noted, though, that a Wi-Fi mesh network won’t be any faster overall than a traditional router network, with speed constrained by the package you buy. In addition, there’s no little point in setting up a mesh network if a standard router already provides good coverage around your home — typically it’s larger homes that benefit.

There are lots of Wi-Fi mesh systems available, so it’s worth having a scout around to see which one might be best for what’s required. Google-owned Nest is perhaps the best-known brand, with its Nest Wifi promising an easy setup, strong security, an app to control the network, and Google Assistant built-in. Amazon, meanwhile, has its own eero system with a built-in Zigbee smart home hub and other strong options include the Asus ZenWiFi, Netgear Orbi, and TP-Link Deco.

Buy Nest Wifi (Amazon), Amazon eero 6 (Amazon), Asus ZenWiFi (Amazon), Netgear Orbi (Amazon), or TP-Link Deco (Amazon)

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