Why An iPad Air 4 Is The Holiday Gift That Keeps On Giving


Apple’s iPad Air 4 is a great gift for movie and TV fans, with the perfect size for hand-held viewing, but also works well as a first laptop computer.

The iPad Air 4 is a powerful new tablet from Apple that would make an outstanding gift choice for the holidays. The great thing about giving an iPad is knowing the recipient will spend long hours enjoying and exploring the new device, making it the gift that keeps on giving. The iPad Air 4 is a mid-range choice, but every iPad Apple sells has good quality and performance.

Apple revealed the iPad Air 4 in September providing a bit of a shock to iPad Pro owners. With a price that’s $200 less than the 11-inch iPad Pro, it has many of the same features. The 2020 iPad Pro is the first model to have a LiDAR scanner. While it is interesting technology there are not many uses for it yet. For those that really need the feature, it is much easier to use with an iPhone 12 Pro or Pro Max, with smartphones being more portable and easier to maneuver when scanning. The iPad Air 4 is compatible with the same Apple Keyboard and Apple Pencil as the Pro models too.

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The iPad Air 4 has the latest mobile processor from Apple, the A14, which in some ways is faster than that of the iPad Pro models. The 10.9-inch high-resolution display is bright and sharp, boasting True Tone color that matches the display to the dominant light temperature of the environment for gray-tones that satisfy human perception. A charger is included, but the USB-connector means it’s compatible with a wide range of accessories. The new iPadOS allows the use of a keyboard and mouse, even external drives, making a tablet more like a computer than it was in the past.

Who Would Enjoy An iPad?


Any tech enthusiast will enjoy an iPad Air 4, even if they already have a computer, laptop, or tablet. Even those that already own an iPad will find a second is useful to keep on another floor or in a different room. Movie and TV fans will enjoy an iPad as the perfect device for personal viewing. A 10.9-inch iPad Air 4 screen held in the hand at a comfortable 15-inch distance has approximately the same relative size as a 60-inch TV that’s 7 feet away. These are the TV sizes and maximum viewing distances recommended by THX, a company with cinema expertise.

An iPad Air 4 is as powerful as many laptops and, with a keyboard, it makes a reasonable laptop replacement, depending on the use, of course. It might be a nice first computer for teenagers or older adults that want something easier to operate than a computer but just as powerful for many tasks. If the $599 price is out of range, the iPad 8 is a nice 10.2-inch tablet that is still a powerful device, but at a step down that sells for just $329. Both the iPad Air 4 and iPad 8 are current models and work with a keyboard, mouse, and Apple Pencil.

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