Yakuza 0: Best Things to Do After Beating The Game


There is actually a lot for players to do throughout Yakuza 0, even if they beat the main story. This guide shows players what to when they beat it.

Throughout the years the Yakuza games have remained chaotic action-adventure games, and Yakuza 0 was not any different. This go-round though players are able to take control of either main character Kiryu or his sometimes-friend-sometimes-enemy Majima. Both characters have their own engaging plotlines to follow, and they are more than worth checking out.

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Eventually, though the player is going to complete all of the story content available for those characters, which can leave the player lost and unsure what to do next. Luckily for them, this game has a massive amount of content for them to explore and check out. This guide shows players what they should do after beating Yakuza 0.

Yakuza 0: What to Do After Beating the Game


Start a New Game+

  • Those who really want to can always completely restart the game from the very beginning. This may sound like a crazy idea for someone who just finished Yakuza 0, but it’s perfect for those who want a little more of a challenge. New Game+ allows players to access the hardest difficulty available for them, which can be very rewarding.

Finish Real Estate Royale

  • One of the big sidequests for Kiryu in the game is the Real Estate Royale, which has him competing against other real estate moguls to become the top man in Tokyo. Buying up all the nearby property can be a lot of work, but it is by far one of the most fun and interesting ways to earn cash.

Become the Cabaret Club Czar

  • Majima’s equivalent to Real Estate Royale has him stealing control of different Cabaret clubs from the Five Stars of Sotenbori. The players is given the ability to completely manage the day-to-day activities of the club from choosing what girls they want to work to or how to train the employees to be better at their jobs.

Check Out the Substories

  • There is a wide array of random substories for players to check out throughout Yakuza 0, and they are well worth the time and effort required of them. Many of these quests will give players an insight into the strange and interesting goings-on in Tokyo, and they also give out some pretty sweet rewards for being completed as well.

Beat Ogita in a Dance-Off

  • While there are a bunch of fun substories in Yakuza 0, there is only one that players should make absolutely certain that they play: The Ogita Dance Off. During Substory 30 Ogita will challenge Kiryu to a dance contest, and all of a sudden the game becomes a rhythm game. There is nothing better than watching a hardened gang member like Kiryu dancing like his life depends on it.

Play Arcade Games at Sega Hi-Tech Land

  • For those who grow tired of playing Yakuza 0, they can actually play several other games at the local arcade. Once players enter Sega Hi-Tech Land there is a fairly large array of different arcade machines available to check out, and players can play them as many times as they want.

Collect The Best Outfits in Tokyo

  • Who doesn’t want to look good? Whether players are in control of Kiryu or Majima they can completely customize whatever outfits the two men wear. There is nothing better to spend all that hard-earned cash on than a new wardrobe.

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Yakuza 0 can be played on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC>

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