YOU: 10 Main Characters, Ranked By Likability


When You premiered, it was clear that this was a very different type of show. Instead of featuring a kind-hearted protagonist who followed his heart and his dreams and did the right thing all the time, the main character is a murderer who somehow convinces himself that he’s a good person.

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It’s impossible not to think that Joe’s creep factor is high, but what about the rest of the people whom he interacts with? From his coworker at his Manhattan bookstore to his main love interests and neighbors, it’s a fun exercise to compare the characters on this dark and twisted show.

10 Joe Goldberg


Fans love watching Penn Badgley play Joe Goldberg as he’s cold-hearted, calculated, and incredibly manipulative. He’s also full of charm and very handsome, so the women he targets can’t help but fall in love.

There’s no way that Joe could be ranked anywhere else, as he’s the most hated character on You. The fact that he stalks people he claims to love and kills for them —or kills them, in the case of Beck — is impossible to justify.

9 Love Quinn

While Love and Beck have a few things in common, Victoria Pedretti’s You character is absolutely terrifying.

By the season 2 finale, Joe has learned that Love is just as deranged as he is and that she has beaten him at his own game. She has gotten pregnant with his child, trapped him, and killed people who got in the way or found out too much. Love’s arc is totally brilliant and unexpected, but even though she’s a fascinating character, she’s such a bad person that she’s impossible to like. She murders people in cold blood, just like Joe.

8 Peach Salinger

Shay Mitchell is famous for portraying sweet Emily Fields on Pretty Little Liars, but her You character is nothing like that teenage girl who loves to swim and is close with her group of friends.

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Peach is obsessed with Beck and because of that, she will do anything to keep her close. She hates Joe right away and besides being a mean person, Peach is snobby and pretentious. There is really nothing to love about her.

7 Forty Quinn

Love Quinn’s twin Forty doesn’t seem like a terrible person, but he’s not exactly the nicest guy, either, as he seems just as unhinged as his sister.

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On the one hand, Forty has had a difficult life and he carries around many childhood wounds. He wants to protect Love and feels very connected to her. But on the other hand, Forty locks himself and Joe in a hotel room to work on his movie, which is totally scary — but fun to watch since Joe is actually fearful for once.

6 Ethan

Ethan works at the same bookstore as Joe in New York City. He appears in the first season of the show and he seems like a kind, compassionate guy who mostly keeps to himself.

Ethan has no idea that Joe is so cruel and he assumes that he’s just a bookworm who enjoys his job. Because of Ethan’s innocence and sense of humor, he’s one of the most likable characters on the dark drama. He’s also funny without meaning to be, like when he tells Joe how bad Beck is at working at the store. He says, “OK, she’s always late, she leaves the register open, she doesn’t know how to organize by genre… Just this morning, she chewed out a 14-year-old for buying American Tragedy for school because she hates Dreiser. Everyone hates Dreiser, but this is a bookstore. We have to sell books.”

5 Delilah Alves

Delilah is a reporter who ends up getting killed by Love, which is a horrible scene for fans to witness.

Delilah is very likable as she’s doing her best to raise her sister Ellie on her own. She’s not domestic, but she tries to teach Ellie right from wrong and keep her safe, which is admirable. Delilah is super smart and doesn’t let anyone push her around. It’s really sad to see how her story ends.

4 Ellie Alves

Ellie is incredibly likable as she’s a sweet teenage girl who just ends up being in the wrong place at the wrong time, living with her tough older sister in Joe’s apartment complex. Joe actually tries to help her and gets so upset when Henderson drugs her that he ends up murdering him.

Ellie is a mix of naive and independent as she tries her best to act like a grown-up, but without real parental figures or any relatives besides her sister, she’s at a loss. Fans root for her and hope that she’ll be okay.

3 Paco

Paco is the adorable kid who lives in Joe’s New York City apartment building. He lives with his mom, who makes terrible choices in her dating life, and her current partner is abusive, which scares Paco.

There’s nothing to dislike about this character, as he’s young and innocent and doesn’t deserve the situation that he’s in. It’s heartbreaking to see how much pain he has experienced.

2 Candace

It will be thrilling to see what happens in season 3 of You, but sadly, Love murdered Candace at the end of the second season. Of course, this being the fascinating and twisty show that it is, Candace may pop up in flashbacks or hallucinations in the next season.

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There’s a lot to love about Candace, as she’s a strong character who knows that something is fishy about Joe and she decides to look into him. Not everyone would do that, as they would be too afraid or try to convince themselves that there was nothing to worry about. It’s devastating watching Candace die. She didn’t deserve that at all.

1 Beck

Beck, is the first girl whom Joe becomes addicted to. She’s also easily the most likable character on the show as she ends up in a horrifying fight for her life, all because she thought that Joe was sweet and handsome and wanted to date him.

Beck is also intelligent as she starts seeing that there is a lot to fear in Joe. Sure, she’s not able to survive, but that’s not her fault; she’s dealing with a total psychopath who would do anything to make sure that no one else can love her.

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