Amy’s 5 Best Traits (& Her 5 Worst)


Amy is one of the most beloved characters on The Big Bang Theory, but she can be arrogant and condescending. Here are her best and worst traits.

The Big Bang Theory has tons of memorable, quirky, hilarious, and lovable characters. Of course, Amy Farrah Fowler is certainly no exception. She certainly changes a lot throughout the series, and she becomes a super kind and funny character that all fans adore.

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While the series has come to an end, Amy still deserves some celebration for her best quirks and traits. Yet, every sitcom character has their faults – and no one on the show can be excused. It’s time to look back at the best and worst parts of Sheldon’s other half.

10 Worst: She Can Be Ignorant

The Big Bang Theory Amy & Sheldon


If there’s one thing that Amy and Sheldon have in common, it’s that they can both be guilty of totally ignoring social cues. While Amy’s painting of her and Penny was totally sweet, she was pretty clueless about the discomfort it caused Penny.

This is only one example of how she’s shown that she doesn’t really get all social situations. She gets better, but it’s only because the others help her learn.

9 Best: She’s Brilliant

The Big Bang Theory Amy Work

Amy is probably one of the smartest people in the room, regardless of what room she is in. As a female scientist, she’s a total role model, and fans like that she can pretty much think circles around all of the guys.

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Gender aside, this wickedly intelligent character is just super impressive. Her mind is her best quality, and it’s worth noting and applauding. Amy is definitely one smart cookie.

8 Worst: She’s Surprisingly Arrogant

The Big Bang Theory Amy's Makeover

This definitely becomes less true as the series goes on, but for someone who was bullied and labeled as an outcast for most of their life, Amy can be pretty arrogant and overly confident. She uses this against her friends, too.

Penny and Amy are close buds, but fans have seen multiple times where Amy has put her down in a way that makes Amy seem way better. Her arrogance is jarring and seems to come out of nowhere.

7 Best: She’s Selfless

The Big Bang Theory Amy's Black Dress

Amy truly cares about everyone in her group. She would probably do anything for them and fans get to see how kind she is to Sheldon and the gang. She sometimes puts herself first, but only when it doesn’t really matter.

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When push comes to shove, Amy would give up everything for any of her friends. This makes her a pretty selfless character, and it’s certainly a redeeming and sweet quality to have.

6 Worst: She’s Condescending

The Big Bang Theory Amy & Penny

Fans will probably never forgive Amy for the time she secretly performed tests on Penny – as if she were a monkey. She supports Penny, usually, but she’s also been pretty condescending to her, Leonard, and just about everyone else.

She’s certainly smart, but she sometimes takes a page out of Sheldon’s book and really tries to prove it to others. This condescension is one of the worst parts about Amy.

5 Best: She’s Totally Kind

The Big Bang Theory Amy & Sheldon

Amy probably has the biggest heart of them all. She’s empathetic, kind, and caring. When people see the worst, Amy sees the best. She doesn’t like to hurt others’ feelings and this sets her apart.

From Burt to Stuart, Amy proves that she is accepting and kind to all, and she really does care about how everyone feels. This makes her one of the sweetest and most likable characters in the series.

4 Worst: She Can Be Loud

The Big Bang Theory the girls

For such a kind and innocent soul, Amy can also be the most obnoxious person in the room. Mostly, it’s endearing, but there are definitely times where everyone just wants to tell her to tone it down.

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Frankly, it’s pretty adorable that she can get so excited, but it can sometimes cross the line into unnecessary and annoying. At least it’s all from a good place – and usually, she has a right to be heard.

3 Best: She’s Patient & Understanding

The Big Bang Theory Sheldon & Amy

Amy probably deserves a gold medal for everything she does to put up with Sheldon. She is so patient and tolerant and really bends over backward to make sure Sheldon is comfortable and happy.

Anyone would be lucky to have a partner like Amy. From slowing their relationship down to doing what Sheldon loves, she’s probably the most forgiving and patient person on the planet – and she deserves to be recognized for it.

2 Worst: She’s Manipulative

The Big Bang Theory Amy & Bernadette

While Amy is definitely a great girlfriend, fans have also seen some moments where she’s pretty manipulative. Sure, it’s usually pretty entertaining, but she really does take advantage of the fact that she knows Sheldon so well.

From making him love her more to using trains to trick him, Amy is kind of the queen of manipulation – and it makes sense because she’s a neuroscientist. Still, it’s not cool.

1 Best: She’s One Of A Kind

The Big Bang Theory Amy's Wedding Dress

There really is no one else like Amy. From this series to every other popular sitcom, Amy has all the quirks that make her a unique and totally memorable character. From her humor and her kindness to her brain and total awkwardness, she’s one of a kind.

Any fan could make a list with everything they love about Amy, and she can’t be compared to any other sitcom character. Amy is Amy, and that’s one of the best things she has to offer.

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